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The "Do Good" Challenges

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Hey loveys,
Happy Monday! As most of you know, well maybe not most.. but those who have been reading for a while know that Monday is my favorite day of the work week because it flies by the fastest :). This weekend was so much fun. My last post I showed you some pictures from Jen's and mine visit to Yorkville for the lighting of the lights! On Sunday C and I just hung out at home for the morning and in the afternoon we went shopping for a new couch!!
This weekend we realized that C's style is very modern and contemporary and that mine is for of a "French Country" type of style. When shopping for home decor I always get a bit nervous that we won't be able to find something to agree on.. however this time was a major success!! We have decided that we no longer want a sectional type couch and that we'd like a regular couch with an accent chair. I'm so excited because this is one of my favorite looks EVER. This is what we have in mind... but we'll see what it ends up looking like...
How cute are these pieces!?!? I want to buy them right now! :) And because I love Urban Barn (the store we were in) I snapped some photos of some other things I might enjoy in the condo :).


Loving Chevron right now! A throw blanket :)...


A very "French Country" picture frame!


A pretty neat shelving unit! 

Then when we got home I definitely felt the urge to decorate or do something.... soooo I put up my Christmas tree!! I love doing it. I had C put on Christmas Carole's and I sing and dance around while I put the decorations on the tree... it was so fun! I sipped some red wine in the new wine glasses I got at Urban Barn.... and I snapped a photo when the tree was done, obvs.

CHRISTMAS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!! Ok... onto something else before I excite myself through the roof.
I want to do a mini recap of workouts from last week. Well, it's not much of a recap. I basically got in 3 strength training workouts which isn't awful at all! I worked out with Trainer Friend on Thursday and my upper body was pretty tight and sore on Friday, so that was awesome! I, unfortunately, didn't workout over the course of the weekend. Bad Sarah! Jen invited me to go to BodyPump and BodyFlow on Sunday morning but I hadn't slept well and I was in the middle of cleaning and doing laundry so I just said no... the day did turn out to be productive, so at least there's that!
This week I'm planning on getting in at least another 3 resistance training workouts, and at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday. Today was a rough start. I brought my workout gear to workout on my lunch, but all day whenever I would stand up, I would get a pounding ache behind my right eye (my boss thinks it's because we were expecting a storm), so I worked through my lunch. HOWEVER.. by the end of the workday my headache was gone! So I put on my clothes and hit the Step Mill for 20 minutes of continuous stairs and then I did the Stepper for another 20 minutes. Niiiiice! I was super glad I did it.. it felt great!
Ok - so I need some opinions just so I can see if what I'm going to explain to you is something you'd want to take part in... or if it would be a bust... in which case I don't want to do it then lol!
Since it's getting into the Holiday time, I wanted to do a fun little set of challenges... a new challenge each week for 4 weeks. I'm going to call it the Do Good Challenge!
1. Spread the love and share it with me! Snap a photo of you giving a big kiss on the cheek to someone you love and post it on my Facebook page.
2. Free Hugs! Snap a photo giving a hug to a new friend and post it onto my Facebook Page.
3. Don't Worry - Be Happy! Share on my Facebook Page, a photo taken candidly of you and a friend or friends having a GREAT time and laughing.
4. Do Good! Snap and share a photo of you doing good (Volunteering, helping someone out, donating food, etc...) and post it to my Facebook page.
I will be gathering all the photos and featuring them on a blog post with links to the blogs of everyone who participates!! The catch?? Normally a "challenge" has a prize. The prize this year is simply feeling warm and fuzzy inside. I believe so much that the feeling of doing good is addictive and contagious and it's why I love to do charity work/volunteering!! This is meant to be a series of selfless acts and to just help spread love and happiness over the holiday season :).

Sooooo - what do you think? Is it something you'd like to participate it? If so, leave a comment below so I can gauge what people think and decide if I'm going to do this! If so, I'll be posting more details (dates, etc) soon!!
Do you put your Christmas tree up early or do you leave it till close to Christmas?

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