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The Death of the Low-Fat Diet (Again)

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1
The Death of the Low-Fat Diet (Again)

The low-fat diet just died. Again. Science has already pretty much confirmed it's useless improving for heart health, and now it's confirmed that it's truly bad advice for losing weight as well.

A just-published article in the prestigious journal The Lancet summarizes all major scientific trials on losing weight on low fat. The conclusion? There's no evidence that low-fat helps to lose weight, compared to any other diet advice.

In fact, giving any other diet advice tends to be better, with people given the opposite advice ( low carb, higher fat) in studies losing significantly MORE weight.

The only situation where the low fat looks decent is when comparing it to no diet at all. I.e. a low-fat diet might be less bad than eating donuts and pizza. Not really a surprise. But in choosing a diet for weight loss, low fat looks like the worst choice.


The study:


The low-fat diet is dead. All the last decades of fat phobic advice managed to do was make people hungry, eat more bad carbs, and make the obesity epidemic worse. Time to move on.

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