The Daunting First Event… Dum Dum Duummmmmm

Posted on the 09 June 2014 by Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

Recently I had my first event. The first I had been involved in since being in PR. The first event I had played a huge part in organising (my Account Manager had been away which gave me more opportunities to pick up extra responsibility). daunting, nerve-wracking, stressful? Yes. Worth it? …

How did it go? I actually think it went pretty well, and my Director seemed happy too! Great turn out, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves and have a good time, and the presentation got just the reaction I’d hoped for from the room.

What did I learn?

- Be prepared – make a list of everything you need to do. Prepare goody bags in advance in case people don’t send the right number of samples (you’ll be surprised how many people don’t count correctly!). Get name badges printed and made as early as possible the day before (too early and you will only have to go and ask for changes and additions) and pack spares for any straggling attendees who forgot to RSVP.

- Invites Galore – invite more people than your limit. Not everyone will turn up on the day, many pull out due to unforeseen circumstances which come along the day before, etc. Journalists can be busy, we all know this, so be prepared for dropouts.

- send a reminder the day before – just a little email with the time, location, and to let them know you’re looking forward to seeing them. Perhaps add a screenshot of a map too, to add a visual element. Just text can get a little boring…

- Always ask your team if they think you might have missed something. They might see something from a different angle. Especially if it’s your first event and others have done them before. Learn from people who have been there and done that!

- Attendee lists – print and take several. You never know who else might need one other than the person on the door. Security, an attendee, your client (they’re not always prepared with things like this, they have so many other things to think about, so help them out)

- A Photographer – Always a good shout! Photos help a story sell. You might also need them for brands who might have sampled for goody bags, clients, your own portfolio, etc.

- Have a run-through, perhaps the day before. Run through timings and the general order of the event with the client so everyone is clear on the day.

- Team Briefs – team briefs before the event to refresh everyone’s mind, and distribute responsibilities is a great idea. That way everything gets covered and people aren’t trying to do the same thing.

- Be Confident – On the day, be confident in what you’ve organised or helped to organize. If you have time then mingle, network, work your stuff! It’s a great opportunity to build relationships and meet new people. Enjoy!

So was it worth it? HELL YESSS! Fab day. Great experience. Loved it!

The Daunting First Event… Dum dum duummmmmm

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