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Fitness|| Our Favourite Home Workouts During Lockdown

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

We miss the gym. There I said it. We weren't crazy gym-goers. Back when we made it part of our weekly routine, we'd go roughly three or four times a week. We were basically your average 'fitness' joes. But without the gym and the usual fitness classes, we were a little lost when it came to workouts. We'd not solely worked out at home for quite some time. But over the past two and a half months, we've found so many awesome home workouts and we're now really enjoying it. Ok, we still miss the gym a little. But this certainly helps in the meantime, and I can foresee us doing more at home even when fitness centres are allowed to open.

We've tried to keep a good mix of HIIT workouts and strength sessions - albeit, a little tricky without weights, but there are still some fab bodyweight options. We alternate our home workouts with running, including both shorter distance and long runs. But I'm not here to tell you how much you should be working out. I'm no fitness expert, and everyone is very different. You need to listen to your own body, try different things and find what works for you. D on't forget the value of a rest day.. even during the lockdown. I just want to provide a little inspiration to help you find the fun in working out at home during this time.

After all, it is easy to get bored though with home workouts. Especially if you're doing the same videos over and over. So to help you find something new, here is a round-up of our favourites right now:


SELF is a US-based YouTube Channel with fitness advice and tips, and some awesome 10,20 and 30-minute workouts. They've got a really good variety of sessions and are super easy to follow. Each video includes a warm-up, followed by circuits with a handful of moves which you repeat in rounds, and finally a cool down. The videos usually have two trainers completing the exercises with you, and they always show an alternative, for those looking to take the intensity down slightly. This means they're great for all levels.

Our favourites so far have been 30 minute HIIT cardio workout, the 30 minute bodyweight cardio bootcamp workout and the 30 minute strength and conditioning workout.


ClassPass is, as many of you will know, usually the membership card which allows you access to multiple studios and classes around the city, using credits to book classes. With studios and classes shut during the lockdown, ClassPass has started streaming sessions. There is a handful of free ones available on the YouTube channel. They can be pretty intense, but just like SELF they have multiple people doing the session in the video, with one showing the lower impact option. Again, these also have a warm-up and a small cool down so you get everything needed in one video - although sometimes I would recommend doing an extra stretch. Just another reminder to listen to your own body, and do what you need.

Our favourites on the ClassPass channel have been the 30 minute upper body strength bodyweight HIIT workout and the 30 minute full body HIIT cardio workout. There are quite a few varied options, including several beginner videos, and a barre session which I've been eyeing up.

Fitness|| Our favourite home workouts during lockdown

Online Fit Class

Online Fit Class is a new player in the at-home fitness world. They offer live fitness classes with trainers over Zoom, including sessions such as Legs, Bums and Tums and Zumba to AMRAP and Combat Fitness. For a monthly fee (£19.99 a month at the moment), you can attend as many classes as you like.

We really enjoyed having a PT live on-screen to ask questions and watch our form. It also motivated us more, knowing we could be seen. But equally, you don't have to have your video on if you don't like this prospect. It's still great to have the PT right there, live.

The AMRAP class (which stands for "as many rounds as possible") was awesome. It was intense and we certainly felt it the next day. But it was really good! The session includes a warm-up and a cool down too, all led by the trainer, and he regularly checked in on everyone. We really like this about a live session - the team make you feel really comfortable about streaming live! My sister has tried the zumba class, and loved that too!

We're planning on doing the AMRAP weekly, but also want to join some of the other sessions on the timetable. A few of the classes aren't at the best times if you work fulltime, but they have lunchtime, evening and weekend sessions!

Fitness|| Our favourite home workouts during lockdown

The Body Coach TV

I don't think any list would be complete without Joe Wicks, would it? Especially with everything he's done for parents and little ones during the pandemic, with his daily PE lessons. But equally, what he's done for the NHS with the donations from all adverts on his PE lesson videos. Such a good guy.

It's not just the PE lessons (although I have heard they're really fun to join in with), he has a whole range of HIIT workouts for at home, varying in length. These are awesome and really do bring a sweat on. There isn't any music, so do play some music alongside if you fancy it. Joe also doesn't really do a warm-up or cool down, included in each video. So do warm-up yourself first, especially if you've been sat at a table all day working, and equally make sure you cool down. There are a few cool-down videos on The Body Coach TV channel which you can do to help with this.

There are endless videos on his channel, which you can literally scroll and scroll through to find one you fancy. Here are some recent faves to help you jump straight into it - The workout wheel of fortune 20 minute HIIT, 25 minutes 25 exercises and How to cool down after a HIIT workout.

Fitness|| Our favourite home workouts during lockdown

Yoga by Adrienne

Yoga still plays a key part in my week. I love a lunchtime flow, to ensure I get away from my desk, or a good vinyasa post-work to help me switch off and stretch. Yoga is great for the body, for mobility, flexibility, balance and strength. But it's also wonderful for the mind and soul, helping with focus, and 'switching off' though the meditative elements to the practice. Don't let this daunt you though, it comes with time - nobody is perfect the first time they do something. I've been doing yoga a while and sometimes still struggle. Yet it always feels amazing, just to focus on me for a little while.

Adrienne literally welcomes EVERYBODY to come and practice with her. Adrienne started out offering free videos on YouTube back in 2012, and there are SO many in the library. Whether you're a beginner or more advanced there should be something for you on her channel. There are even monthly challenges if you fancy setting yourself a goal like that.

My favourites recently have been the Shakti power flow (which I did on my day off recently and loved starting the day this way), Yoga for runners cool down sequence, and the Deepen & Flow.

Fitness|| Our favourite home workouts during lockdown

There you have it... our current faves which are keeping us motivated to workout during this time at home. Have you been doing online home workouts? Are you using YouTube or Instagram, or are you signed up to live classes with something like Online Fit Class?

Chloe xx

*I was gifted the Online Fit Class Membership. All views my own.

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