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The Consequences of Taking Drugs Abroad

By Tomretterbush @thomretterbush

The Consequences of Taking Drugs AbroadMany believe the Laws of their Home Country apply
When going on a fun holiday, it can be tempting to pack drugs for your stay. 
Many people are found in possession of drugs abroad each year and arrested, yet the real danger lies with the fact that many of these travelers don’t know about the possible punishments of being caught in possession of drugs in a country other than their own.  
Many people wrongly believe that the laws and punishments of their home country apply overseas; this is simply not the case – the law of whichever country you are caught in possession of drugs applies, regardless of your native country's laws.
Possible Penalties
The severity of the penalty depends on the law of the country you are found in possession of drugs in. Even worse, when people are naive enough to bring the drugs along with them and end up getting caught importing  drugs into a foreign country. Some countries take drug abuse and drug importation very seriously, inflicting punishments as severe as the death penalty. Countries outside the EU aren't as tolerant of drug abuse, often viewing substance abuse as a serious offense.
If you fall ill or sustain an injury whilst under the influence of drugs you may be refused medical treatment, if you don’t have sufficient funds, as your health insurance may not cover such medical expenses. Your airline may also ban you from a return flight if found in possession of drugs.
There’s a likely chance of being refused future entry to the country you were found in possession of drugs in. You may also have problems applying for a visa in the future should you require one, as you will have a criminal record. Involving Your Country's Embassy
The embassy of the country you are a citizen of will be informed if you’re found in possession of drugs regardless of the country you are arrested in. You will then most likely have a criminal record in your home country too, if found guilty. This could seriously jeopardise your future of getting a good job – all because you were found carrying illegal substances.
Although your embassy will be aware of your situation, they won’t be able to help you in the following ways:
· Provide you with drug offense attorneys or legal advice· Request that you’re released from prison· Request favourable cell conditions What’s considered to be “Legal”
Different countries’ laws differ in terms of what drugs are considered to be illegal. In some instances, prescription medicines and alcohol are considered to be illegal, you can be considered to be breaking the country’s law if you are in possession of alcohol or certain prescription drugs. If you have to take medication abroad with you, always check that it isn’t considered to be an illegal substance in the country you’re visiting.
Taking illegal substances abroad can land you in horrific situations, often in a vile prison cell with inmates who have little ability to speak English. Life inside a prison cell can be pretty grim – so before packing some drugs with visions of having a good time, consider how much fun there really is to be had if caught in possession of drugs abroad.
If you are a citizen of the UK, you may want to consult with drug offences solicitors before you risk carrying, transporting or using drugs in a foreign country. 
If you or someone you love does end up getting arrested overseas, contact
Written By: Steph Staszko
Web Marketing Executive
Steph Staszko writes for Just Motor Law, who are motoring offense solicitors specializing in drinking while driving.
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