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The Catalyst

By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5

The CatalystI'm sulking in my bed, drifting away in the emptiness left by my shattered dreams, shattered by your forceful imprint. One that has left my heart forever scarred in a puddle of despair. And within that black puddle, I see the reflection of possible heavens I could have conquered, getting dimmer by the waves that originate from the faint beat in that blemished vessel. Pain from each pulse without you increases by the second, intensifying as we grow far apart. Those accursed seconds turn into months and from months to years. The ray of hope remains bleak, haunting my optimism, poisoning it slowly, gradually. Like a faint gleam in a mass of darkness. The eternal realization of failure remains consistent, for it has been forever known. But for the world to remain in balance, the opposite shall always exist. It may choose not reveal itself, like light does to darkness. And then they say: darkness, it’s the absence of light for if there was no light there would have been no darkness. And as the inception of this thought fortifies, the faint gleam out grows the darkness. Silence drowns its own empty ambiance and brings about a melody, one that sparks a new hope. And with that hope, consistency of failure turns erratic. The catalytic rain takes its effect and you feel your eternal realization molding under the metamorphosis, induced by the long awaited light... Until new realization is given birth to: 'I need you now, close to me. In my arms where I teach you a new meaning of warmth…'

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