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The Casual Vacancy

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hi everyone,
yes that is the title book from The casual vacancy by J.K Rowling. I couldn't think of any other title and this kind of fit, and i know how fashion bloggers like to call their posts after song titles and things, hehe.
Anyway back to the point, today's post is all about my casual clothes, usually it just involves a tshirts  and a pair of jeans for me.
The casual vacancy
I have just bought this pair of jeans because i literally have NONE that fit, all are way too big so i went into town and bought these with my love to shop vouchers from christmas. Just on a quick side note, love to shop vouchers are amazing!!! there are so many different shops you can use them in, and spend them with, i love them, such a good idea for a present, i definitely recommend these for anyone who hasn't got a clue of what to get as a present.
The casual vacancy
The casual vacancy Anyway, both items were from new look. I love the top because it speaks to what im trying to live by at the moment, and its such a cute little top.
The casual vacancy It says: let wild souls roam free.
I've also dyed my hair, woo, ive wanted to do it for a couple of months but never had the time or money, but i decided to just do it. So i now have a red ombre. Its not as bright as i wanted it, but red is the hardest color to put into your hair, and the hardest color to get back out, something to do with molecules, anyway. I love it, and i can't wait to make the red brighter.
The casual vacancy
what do you think? like my hair? what kind of casual clothes do you prefer to wear?  ive also done another causal post featuring a skater skirt and one with a checked shirt, as you can probably tell i like casual clothes. xxxxx

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