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The Buzz ~ Quick Tips: It's All About the Almond

By Ndmayers @naturalezablog

The Buzz ~ Quick Tips: It's all about the Almond


I have been coming across Sweet Almond oil as an ingredient in some brands of hair care daily moisturizers and oils. It features in the Mega Care Grapeseed oil which I bought recently. Sweet Almond oil is a carrier oil and therefore works well with an essential oil of your choice. 
So, what's in an Almond?
The Almond is called the wonder nut due to its nutritional value. Almonds are packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It is an effective health building food.
A handful of almonds make a quick and nutritious snack. They provide instant energy. They also go well with salads, pastries and cakes.

Technically, the Almond is the seed of the fruit of the Almond tree. Almonds can either be of the bitter or the sweet variety. The sweet kind is flavorful and therefore a good choice for cooking. Sweet almonds can also be thick-skinned or thin-skinned. Literature also indicates that this variety is good for therapeutic massage use. The bitter variety however, can be deadly if consumed apparently even in small quantities. The cyanide must first be extracted before consumption. Once this is done, the oil is safe for human use.

Cooking with Almond oil. 
Almonds are good for persons who are anemic, as well. An almond is a rich source of iron and copper which work together to boost red blood cells. 
Almonds are a great source of calcium. So it is recommended that pregnant women include almonds in their daily diet.

The Buzz ~ Quick Tips: It's all about the Almond

Jordan almonds. These chocolate-covered almond treats are traditionally
given at weddings as guest favors.

Useful information
  • Sweet Almond oil is cold-pressed from dried kernels of the Almond tree
  • It is light and non-greasy
  • An excellent source of Vitamin E, an agent for lustrous hair and healthier skin and complexion. Many women of Middle Eastern countries, use Almond oil on their hair
  • As a food source, almonds are rich in protein
  • Used in cosmetics and soap making
  • Other health benefits include relief from constipation, fighting diabetes and heart diseases, great at lowering cholesterol levels
  • Almonds are low in sodium
  • Almonds are aphrodisiacs
  • The high manganese and phosphorous content in almonds help to keep a sharp brain
  • Studies suggest that nuts like almonds, when eaten often, may help in the pursuit of healthy weight management 
  • One site suggested a mixture of 1 teaspoon almond oil to 1 teaspoon amla juice to be used as a massage for the scalp. It supposedly works to restore thinning hair, fight dandruff and premature graying.
  • From experience, I know that almond milk is also very nutritious and delicious
Final words Are you familiar with the medicinal and therapeutic power of Almonds and/or Almond oil? What is/was your experience like? Resources Almond oil for hair care tips Livestrong: A variety of hair treatments using Almonds/Sweet almond oil Nuts for Almonds - Nutritional value of Almonds
The Buzz ~ Quick Tips: It's all about the Almond

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