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The Bronzed Goddess – Makeup Look

By Pragya

Hi pouties

It has been so hot here in Delhialmost 46 degrees, I have been hating any piece of makeup on my skin lately….One more thing I noticed is this weather has made me change my makeup routine, Also I have been keeping myself away from blush and have been applying bronzer almost every day!!It’s the first time I realized that makeup actually changes with weather… Am I sounding stupid?? LOL

After a long time I am posting a look for Flamboyant Wednesday series… So talking of Bronzers… here is a makeup look!!

The bronzed Goddess

The bronze godess makeup tutorial

The bronze godess makeup tutorial

bronze godess

step by step makeup tutorial

It’s the first time I am doing a full face makeup lookand the look is nothing too speciala very easy pesy look… please do leave your feedback in the comments down below.. I will be more than happy to read them!!

  1. Starting with the eyes, I have applied my eyes base and placed a scotch tape on side, to give sharpness to the edge and also to help with fall outs.
  2. Now I am just warming up my crease to create a little Ombre effect on to the eye lids.
  3. I am packing the colors on to the lids starting with a very light shade in inner corner to gradually darkening it up towards outer corner.
  4. Done with eyes, outlining the upper lash line, apply mascara, underline water line and smudge it a little, Just for a softer look.
  5. Now I remove the scotch tape cleanup the fall outs, apply some CC cream all over my face and Using a concealer darker than my skin tone, I sketch down my cheeks(remember not the hollow of my cheeks but a the end of my check bones) .
  6. Now going in with my current favorite matt bronzing powder (review coming soon) I buff that into the skin blending the harsh line!
  7. Now I bronze my temples and a little bit of sides of my forehead, just to add that extra dimension to the face!
  8. Now I go in with tinest amount of blush with reflective sheen in it to double it up as highlighter and blush. Also I have used a very warm toned blush just to add that bronzy glow to my face.
  9. Now using a small Kabuki, I apply a very light layer of powder all over the face just to seal up everything and spray some makeup fixing spray(review again coming soon)
  10. Finally I outline my lips, fill them with a orangey pink tone lip color and I am all ready!!
The bronze godess

The bronze godess

Guys I hope you have liked the look and please do let me know if I can improve with it a little!! I think the pictures have been unable to catch the glow!! OPPPSSSS :(

the bronze godess

the bronze godess

If there’s any look in your mind and you want me to decode it….please write down below!!


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