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The Boy Who Fought

By Beersting @beersting

Our official last day of school was scheduled to be on 15th of February, however my last day was supposed to be the Tuesday prior to that. There would be no need for me to attend the rest of the week, as I would be done with all my lab exams by then.

On Friday morning, the phone rang killing my dream, even before I had a chance to say hello a voice came over.

“meet me at school canteen. very important.”, she said in unusually sassy voice.

“well good morning to you too.”, I smirked. My tone alerted her of her attitude.

“Sorry, good morning. You slept fine?”, she asked.

“Yeah, had a very interesting dream of flunking all my board papers. And yeah I’ll meet you at the canteen, at about nine-ish? that sounds okay?”

“Yeah that’s cool. bye and love you.”, she put her phone down.


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