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The Best Prices On The ‘Net

By Jamie Koonce @charcuterielove

The Best Prices On The ‘Net

We’re #1 in Google!

As you may already know, Holistic Chinese Herbs is #1 in Google search for a number of different products.  This is great because it has helped many of you to find us and the products you were seeking.  However, it has also made our store a victim of big corporations finding us in Google search and then trying to underprice us just like how big box stores like Wal-Mart tend to underprice local ma and pa stores in communities.  We appreciate your business here at Holistic Chinese Herbs and we still want to offer you the best prices on the net.  If you are seeking a product and find it cheaper in one of those “other” online stores, please tell us and we’ll price match.

HUGE SALE on Chill Pills!

If you’re feeling kinda crabby from watching the political debates on TV, that jerk who pulled out in front of you on the highway, or simply the phase of the moon, we have what we like to call “the herbal chill pill.”  It has been used for CENTURIES in Chinese Medicine for helping people to chill out, and it also works nicely for physical symptoms including irritable bowel syndrome and menstrual cramping (goodbye Midol!).  According to Chinese Medicine, this formula “moves liver qi” while also “tonifying the spleen” and “nourishing the blood.”  In other words, it calms anger and anxiety while also strengthening digestion and preventing anemia-related fatigue.  Every woman ought to have this one in her herbal arsenal:


Do you suffer from chronic inflammation, seasonal allergies, or diabetes?  Adopting a grain-free diet can help you to feel better!  Check out this great recipe for a *grain-free challah bread: *Note: This recipe includes 3 buckwheat groats to qualify as a true challah bread.  However it is 100% gluten-free and raw.

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