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Top 3 Causes of Fat Accumulation in the Abdomen and How to Avoid It!

By Jamie Koonce @charcuterielove

1) Inflammation throughout the body: Inflammation can cause you to feel hungry even if your body has already taken in enough calories to maintain weight.  A common sign of inflammation is pain in your muscles or joints.  The #1 way to get rid of inflammation is to minimize your consumption of foods high in omega-6 fats (corn-fed meat, vegetable oils, nuts, fried foods) and increase your consumption of foods high in omega-3 fats (grass-fed beef and grass-fed dairy, wild fish & seafood, and at least one TBSP of cod liver oil daily).  One brand of cod liver oilthat is regularly tested and certified free of radiation, heavy metals, PCBs, and other obesogens is this one.

2) Too many carbohydrates and a high glycemic diet: When you increase your consumption of high carb foods, your appetite will naturally INCREASE and you will crave more and more carbs.  This is possibly due to an evolutionary based mechanism in which an increased number of carbohydrates in the diet signals that there is an abundance of food and it is time for the body to gain and store more fat to protect against a future food shortage (wintertime, when fruits and veggies are not in abundant supply).  Regardless of whether that theory is correct or not, if you decrease your carb consumption and increase your protein and fat consumption, your appetite will naturally decrease, allowing you to lose weight without feeling hungry.  You can keep your metabolic fire strong while decreasing your appetite by using GreenExcellent.  There are NO STIMULANTS in GreenExcellent so you won’t have to suffer from jitters, rapid heartbeat, restlessness, and other dangerous side effects of over-the-counter diet pills. 

3) Hormone Imbalances: Endocrine problems such as adrenal burnout and hypothyroidism and two of the most underdiagnosed hormone imbalances in the world.  What most people don’t realize is that gluten and other vegetable-based proteins found in grains can CAUSE an underfunctioning thyroid gland and overworked adrenal glands.  Adopting a gluten-free diet can help to normalize your hormones so you can lose weight.  Adaptogenic herbs such as black shilajit can also help tone, strengthen, and balance your thyroid and adrenals.

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