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The Best Bits of the Festive Season…

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

This Christmas was fab! The whole festive season from the festive run up to the Christmas break and time off  was awesome…Here’s some of my fave bits of Christmas, but what are yours?

  1. Family and friends getting together – Family and friends shouldn’t need an excuse to get together for meals or a couple drinks but everyone makes so much more of an effort over the festive season. From pre-Christmas dinners, to boxing day lunches and new year gatherings, there’s so many more occasions you spend with your nearest and dearest. I’ve seen so many of my family over this Christmas it was lovely. Maybe we should start a new holiday mid-year…
  2. Food and Drink – You can’t say one of your favorite things about the Christmas season isn’t the food and drink! Apparently we eat over triple our calorie intake on Christmas day alone…that’s without considering the run-up and post-Christmas celebrations. To be honest, I’m not entirely surprised when Christmas is home to Christmas cakes, Christmas pudding, pate pinwheels (If you haven’t had these, you’re completely missing out!), snowballs, bucks fizz, smoked salmon bagels…the whole shabang! I can honestly say I’ve eaten quite a bit over Christmas and I’m normally pretty good…Here’s to the fitness related new year’s resolution :Pphoto 2My dinner on Christmas Eve – Mum’s homemade beefs stew  in a giant yorkshire pud. How yummy does that look?photo 1My housemate’s roast lamb and crispy roast potatoes for our pre-Christmas house meal…absolutely incredible!
  3. The spontaneous plans – I think spontaneous plans happen so much more over Christmas, or during the run-up (maybe I’m normally boring aha). We only went out for a couple drinks and to watch the football on boxing day… and ended up in the club in my hometown! Crazy bunch and so much fun. 
  4. The rest – Ok, this bit doesn’t come until after Christmas and Boxing Day for most, myself included. But these last few days I have loved doing a bit of exercise and relaxing in front of the tv, playing movies all day! Rest and relaxation are well needed after such a busy few weeks.
  5. The sales – This year I couldn’t be bothered with Oxford Street or Westfield so did all my sales shopping online, but still bagged some awesome bargains. Love Jan sales!
  6. New Year – I know this is always hyped up. Everyone has huge expectations making it a real let-down of a night. I actually think of it as a normal night now and I have SO much fun! This year we’re going to a games night at one of our friends – think the ipad game heads up, cranium, pictionary… this is going to be so much fun! photoOperation ready to go…and maybe some twister (if it’s not too dangerous after a couple drinks :P). 

Chloe xx

The best bits of the festive season…

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