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The Battle of Castle Itter - You Couldn't Make It Up!

By Davidduff

First of all an apology.  One of you lot, by which I mean, of course, you, dear readers, sent me a link to this story but, alas, life being somewhat hectic here at 'Chateaux Duff' these days, I simply cannot remember who it was so I cannot acknowledge you - but my thanks all the same.

So, here is the tale of the strangest battle ever fought in WWII.  It involved on one side, a strong force of fanatical SS men still determined to fight on; and on the other side, a rag-bag mix of black and white American soldiery, a group of famous French political prisoners and, to add to the head-shaking incredulity of it all, a small force of ordinary Werhmacht soldiers.  Yeeees, quite!

It took place in Austria in early May 1945 just after the fall of Berlin but at a time when fanatical SS troops were busy fighting to the last man! A certain Lt. John C. "Jack" Lee Jr. was despatched with a tank or two and a handful of black and white American soldiers to rescue high-ranking French political prisoners from Schloss Itter, a castle situated in the middle of a fluid area which neither side completely controlled.  On his journey towards his objective he ran into a group of Werhmacht soldiers who promptly surrendered.  He took them along but no sooner had they entered the castle when it was attacked by the SS.  Everyone, French, German and American rapidly co-operated and a stout defence was put up, but with the pressure mounting and the ammo running low the situation was becoming desperate.  Almost like a Hollywood movie, at the last minute the American cavalry, or at least, a rescue force, arrived and saved the day.

You can read the detailes of this remarkable battle here:

Well worth a read!  And thanks again to who-ever it was who told me of it.


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