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The Art of War: #2

Posted on the 28 March 2013 by Davidduff

I am rather busy today, part of my time being taken with driving Peg the leg-legga-leg the 'Memsahib' to the hospital where her new hip was inserted, so my posting today will be odds and sods inserted at speed.  To start with, here are some more wartime posters from the site I wrote about earlier - courtesy of 'Big Sis':

File:INF3-109 Food Production Apple picking Artist Drake Brookshaw.jpg

This was painted by Drake Brookshaw who was, apparently, a very prolific artist and illustrator responsible for several of the postsers that used to decorate the London Underground.  I'm surprised that he has no Wiki entry.  Anyway, I'm sure you will all agree that this is a delight with the dappled sunshine caught beautifully and contrasted with the dark figure of the man and the tree branches.  One of those magical illustrations which instantly make you smile - a useful thing during wartime.

Here's a very different style in a poster by Tom Purvis:

File:INF3-129 War Effort It's up to You (Britannia) Artist Tom Purvis.jpg

Can't say I care for this one very much.  In some indefinable way it's just not very British.  It smacks too much of a continental style.  I can't help thinking that Mussolini would have liked that sort of thing.  However, Purvis knew war from the sharp end having served in the Artists Rifles during WWI.  That distinguished regiment, of course, later morphed into the 21st Special Air Service (reserve).

Now this one is terrific.  A brilliant use of Churchill's famous request illustrated with wit and style:

File:INF3-154 Give us the tools and ... Artist Frank Newbould.jpg

Frank Newbould was one of the greatest of the train poster artists.  This site will give you a whole collection of his work which are well worth a browse.  A superb and witty illustrator.  Here is one of his well known peace-time posters which shows his sense of fun:

The art of war: #2

 Two weeks in 'Skeggie'!  God, I'd rather have three weeks in Siberia!



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