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The 15 Best Nail Care Tips For Women

Posted on the 22 May 2014 by Vicknesh @wellhealthblog
  1.             Having trouble with dark polish discoloring your nails? Always apply a base coat to prevent this problem. Also, applying a top coat will ensure that your polish lasts for days and days.2.   Before you purchase nail files, check with your nail technician to see what number grit you should use. Higher numbers are finer grit, perfect for natural nails; lower numbers are coarser, and best for artificial nails.3.   Manicure tools should be sterilized between uses. You should also wash your hands with a disinfectant soap before working on your nails.4.   Give your hands a spa treatment to keep them soft and supple. Just like your face, hands need exfoliating and moisturizing treatments.5.   If your job require lots of typing in front of a computer all day, consider using a lighter shade of nail polish; any chips you might get will be much less noticeable. Also, you'll want to moisturize your hands and nails frequently throughout the day, so as to keep them from cracking under the pressure.6.   You should avoid removing acrylic artificial nails on your own; it leaves your natural nails dry and brittle, making them much more susceptible to fungus, bacteria and infection. You should also avoid using acetone nail polish remover on artificial nails; it can loosen them and cause them to peel off. Look for polish made for use with artificial nails.7.   Soaking your nails in sweet almond oil will moisturize and strengthen them. Pour 4-5 tablespoons of the oil into a small bowl, and then set the bowl in a shallow dish of hot water to let it warm up. Soak your hands in the warm oil for about ten minutes, and then wipe the oil off with a tissue.8.   Don't let trends influence you in the shape of your nails; talk to your nail technician about whether you should go with rounded or square tips. Longer nails are best with squared tips, as round tips break more easily.9.   Using a nail polish remover that contains lanolin will help prevent drying of the skin and cuticles.10.  Do your nails have ridges running up and down the length of them? If so, it means that you may not be getting enough Vitamin D and calcium. Other nutrients you need for healthy nails can be found in carrots, blueberries and strawberries. Massage your nails with almond oil or olive oil to keep them looking strong and healthy.11.  You should avoid cutting the cuticle of your nail - It's best just to push them back as cutting can cause them to grow back more thickly. Cuticle cutters or scissors shouldn't be used as you may damage the cuticle and leave yourself open to infection. Have your nail technician trim them if necessary.12.  Use a hot air dryer instead of a towel to dry hands and feet after washing. The warm air increases circulation, leading to healthy, well-nourished nails.13.  Wear kitchen gloves when washing dishes or unloading the washing machine or dishwasher. The reason is because washing detergent is harsh on nails and skin, so you should avoid getting it on your hands. Soaking your hands in whole milk can also help to significantly reduce any damages from harsh cleaning chemicals.14.  Polish and buff your nails three or four times a week. It will keep them healthy and looking great as well as help prevent discolorations.15.  Apply plenty of pressure when buffing your toenails to help get rid of ridges in the nail. You should avoid using dark colored polish on the toenails to help prevent yellow discolorations.By 
  2. The 15 Best Nail Care Tips For Women
    The 15 Best Nail Care Tips For Women

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