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Thanks For Your Votes for Top Website for Women!

Posted on the 27 June 2012 by Classycareergirl @classycareer

Thanks so much to everyone who nominated to be one of the Forbes top 100 websites for women.  Unfortunately, we didn’t make the list and there could only be one reason why….because Forbes wants to wait and put us on their top career websites list instead, right!??  Congratulations to everyone who did make the list of  Top 100 Websites for Women for 2012!!  I also didn’t want to lose any of the wonderful nominations that you all made so I rounded up all of them and here they are.  Thanks again and I am so glad this blog is a great resource for you!!!

  • Nominator: Lor ManceraNominate: This blog help young professional women find jobs they love and succeed in their jobs. I love reading the blog because everyday I learn new things, it motivates me to push myself and whenever I need help or advice I can read some of their post or directly ask Anna for help. As a fresh graduate I barely know what’s on the professional world but reading some of their post I was able to adjust and show class in my job. This site deserves to be on the list because it helps me a lot and it will help more young professional women nail their job and internships.
  • Nominator: Roberta has been my go-to site this year. It’s like the Pinterest of career blogs for women. Classy Career Girl features interviews with brilliant women from all over the world, links to professional fashion tips (that have been featured in People Style Watch magazine), and super helful networking challenges and advice. It’s been a perfect place for a young woman just finding her feet in her career to go to for counsel, advice, and some fun ideas, too!
  • Nominator: Laurennominate: how I use the blog: Personalized advice on common problems that many other online resources don’t address. Interesting perspective on challenges in the workplace. Amazing fashion advice for both in and out of the office. Excellent free guides and and ever-expanding range of career topics.
  • Nominator: Jan is a site I refer to often for inspiration and comfort. The suggestions are practical and purposeful, helping anyone find success while looking for a position. For those of us in the workforce, the advice given causes reflection in the most positive of ways, I love her style! For any who have not yet explored this site go check it out and see what you have been missing, for those who have, add your nomination now; Anna deserves this.”
  • Nominator: Carrie is straightforward, helpful, and insightful. One of the best for those of us looking for career strategies and advice that can be implemented right away.
  • Nominator: doiyoi “ is the best website for professional women who are seeking advice on everything from networking to fashion to work-life balance. The content is relevant and the quality of the site is top-notch. I literally visit this site everyday because I find something I can use to make myself better.”
  • Nominator: ChelleNominate: Classy Career Girl ( This site should be on your radar because it is a great resource for young professionals. I refer to it constantly for tips on networking, using social media to build my internet presence and other concerns. It deserves to make the 2012 list of best sites for women because Anna Runyan is clearly devoted to her readership and a site like this is so necessary for young women entering the workforce or trying to establish themselves within it, especially in the current market.
  • Nominator: IzabelaI would like to vote for Classy Career Girl – it has been a source for everyday inspiration for me ever since I discovered it when I was surfing through numerous career advising/self development websites. She is fun, provide us with all the information Modern Classy Career Girl requires – fashion, self development, inspiration and career advise – all in that one blog!! Recommended it to my girls :)
  • Nominator: Mary EllisI nominate I go there all the time for solid advice as it relates to women and office etiquette. Fresh, honest, insightful advice for women.
  • Nominator: AleciaI nominate:”
  • Nominator: Erin I nominate by Anna Runyan. This blog is not only positive and motivational but also gives some concrete real-life tips on workplace survival. has improved my life by opening my eyes to the latest networking advice, workplace fashion ideas, job searching tips, resume help and more. It is a blog that aims to help women from all walks of life succeed and DEFINITELY deserves to be on the top 100 list.
  • Nominator: Abigail RouseNominate: – this blog has been an inspiration to me since I discovered it early this year. I stop by each day to read advice on all aspects of career advice on networking, interviews, working wardrobes, resumes and so much more. The writer draws not only from her own expertise and experience but from other successful women too and she is always happy to answer questions direct from her readers. This blog has given me the motivation to take positive steps forward in my own career.
  • Nominator: MelissaWithout hesitation, I would like to nominate! Anna Runyan, the site’s author, provides young professionals with practical advice and information. She is the “go to girl” when it comes to networking, using social media for job searches, as well as personal and professional brand messaging and development. Her regular podcasts feature women that are at the top of their game in their respective fields. They provide everyday women with access to a wealth of knowledge that they otherwise might not have been able to gain. This site is all about helping women find their passion and reach their true potential and allowing them to shine. Anna’s expertise is timely, her resources are useful, and her delivery is always, “classy”.
  • Nominator: Kandidly KimMy vote goes to! She holds her place as the go to place for career women in all stages and background!
  • Nominator: Ashley GardnerI’d like to nominate Classy Career Girl is an excellent resource for all things related to careers for women – it should be on your radar because Anna covers such a wide range of topics that empower women to take charge of their career and propel it forward and she does it in a away that makes it easy to follow along and feel like you can be successful. I have taken so much of what I have read on Classy Career Girl and applied it to my every day life as I make a career change – especially the networking advice and accompanying networking challenges that have given me the confidence to branch out, meet new people and make positive changes because of these meetings. I am always impressed with how upbeat, inspiring and of course informative the posts are and it truly makes me feel like I, along with many other young women, have the power to be successful thanks to the tools and information provided on Classy Career Girl.
  • Nominator: Charlotte MortonI want to vote for Its a great website, very user friendly and very well written and true to life.”

THANK YOU!!  It makes my day to read these nominations!  Hope you have a great day as well!

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