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Ten Things I’ve Learnt in Year 2013

By Vivianism @vivianism


1. Learn to take criticisms. 

2. Do your best but don’t get too upset even when you are not the best. 

3. You are your own happiness, your own anger and your own stress. 

4. Friends can be a great pillar of support. Be there for them like you wish they will be when you need them. 

5. Sharing is caring. Share your load, share your stuff. Many pair of hands work better than one pair of hand. 

6. Sometimes feigning ignorance is a bliss. 

7. Be alone. Travel around alone, walk around the mall alone and eat alone. You will be surprised at your own experience and people watching can sometimes be fun. 

8. If you want something, say it and you might get it. Keep quiet and it will never be yours. 

9. Things can only be better once you hit rock bottom. 

10. Keeping a hobby is essential even after working. 

This year is such a long year. But thank god, I survived.
I graduated and started my career six months ago.
Thank you for granting me the power to get through all these difficult times.

2013 is truly the reflection of the statement “tough times don’t last, but tough people do.”

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