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Tempo Tuesday

By Wendiw80 @asouthernyogi
Ha - that is a funny name for Tuesday but it fits with my workout this morning. I will say that today, getting up at 5 am was REALLY REALLY REALLY tough. But I did it. I'm trying to be consistent and get to 5:30 am run workouts because they're with people which is fun, and I don't have to think, just do.
Warm up mile
200 m - 57 seconds 
200 m - 54 seconds 
400 m - 2:07 
400 m - 2:17 
400 m - 2:14 
400 m - 2:11 
200 m - 54 seconds
200 m - 47 seconds

Cool down mile Total Distance: 3.5 milesIt was cold this morning and I have this weird thing where my body gets hot and sweats, but my hands freeze the whole time. In Vegas, my hands got so cold that I couldn't move my fingers, so I had to put my long sleeve shirt back on so that I could cover my wrists, but my body was still hot. I had to borrow mom's gloves so I could wear a t shirt, but still have some protection for my hands. The temperature also drops as the sun rises, so the comfortable 40 degree temp went to mid 30's while we were still out there and my little handsy's got cold :(But anywhos, it feels good to be back on track. 2 days in a row of working out - BAMI feel like I also need to add something about the lingo here. I know that most people view a tempo run as running for a short distance at a faster pace, so I guess I should say these are most like intervals. But what happens is depending on your pace, the distance you're repeating varies. So Holly had a group of people doing "mile repeats" which essentially was more like a tempo run. If you want to learn more about it, go to The Stoix website. 

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