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Tattoos on the Dark Side [Abuse by Tattoo]

By Urtatu @urtatu


Abuse by Tattoo Tattoos on the Dark Side [Abuse by Tattoo]

While we think of tattoos and tattooing very positively, there is also a need to address the fact that tattooing can be used in harmful, negative ways. If you have ever been forced to get a tattoo you did not want, or had someone else take your idea or identity, this section will be of particular interest to you.

Abuse by Tattoo

By its definition means that someone violated you in a personal way by using a tattoo as a weapon. This could be done in two ways. One could be that you were forced to receive a tattoo you did not want. The movie, ‘Tattoo’, carries this theme to the extreme, with an obsessed tattoo artist kidnapping a professional model (Maude Adams) and tattooing her while she is unconscious. The movie in fact, was boycotted by some women’s groups when it was first released.

Involuntary tattooing is an unpleasant experience for the recipient, and is very symbolic of the use of a penetrating weapon to mark an indelible stain on the victim’s body.

Tattoos on the Dark Side Abuse by Tattoo Tattoos on the Dark Side [Abuse by Tattoo]

The second could happen when someone chooses to tattoo your name on their body without your full permission and cooperation. Some may think, “What’s the problem? You should be flattered,” However, those who have had this happen to them have noted a profound sense of loss, that part of their identity or soul was stolen from them.

In one particular case, a man surprised his girlfriend with a tattoo of her name on him, and with it began the start of a stalking relationship that terrified her for years in an obsessive/possessive situation involving domestic abuse.

tattoo abuse in a relationship Tattoos on the Dark Side [Abuse by Tattoo]

Remember: If you want the name of your loved one tattooed on your body or your loved one wants one of your name, 150% open-hearted, voluntary permission must be given by both parties as a prerequisite. (Exceptions made for names of the deceased, or of famous people). There should be no “convincing” or “talking into” involved. If there is the slightest hesitation, please do not do this. Those who wish to have their loved one represented in a tattoo should instead use a symbolic object.

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