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Tattoos No More for Bikers and Hillbillies

By Urtatu @urtatu
Tattoos No More for Bikers and Hillbillies Tattoos No More for Bikers and Hillbillies

Tattoos No More for Bikers and Hillbillies

In the last two decades of the twentieth century, tattooing slowly gained popularity, the old association of tattoos and degenerates still existed, butt more people wanted to get tattooed just to decorate their bodies instead of for showing a sign of rebellion. The start of custom tattoo shops also helped to bring more of a fine art feeling to tattooing. Instead of just getting a random design off the wall, many people wanted to have a design made only for them. Slowly we are coming to terms with tattooing being more of an art form than a crude craft.

General Tattoo Culture Tattoos No More for Bikers and Hillbillies

General Tattoo Culture

The idea of getting a tattoo as a souvenir is also becoming more popular as the tourism industry expands. People have more money and even more credit available than they did decades ago, which allows for more travel and more souvenirs. Many people today see getting a little tattoo as the equivalent to buying a new pair of shoes. A tattoo is just another thing one can purchase for fun.

Tattoo Biker Tattoos No More for Bikers and Hillbillies

Tattoo Biker

With the advent of tattoo suppliers, more people have been able to break into tattooing as a profession. More shops have been opening, making it easier for people to get tattoos. Much of the old negative attitudes about tattooing are passing away with the older generations. Younger people are more used to tattoos, because they see them on their peers more often in public and especially on television, the Internet, and movies.

Tattoo Hillbilly Tattoos No More for Bikers and Hillbillies

Tattoo Hillbilly

Professional athletes seem to be covered in tattoos nowadays. It used to be the stereotype that rock stars had tattoos. Now, sports associations such as the NBA are full of heavily tattooed players. Many boxers and Ultimate Fighters also sport tattoos in the ring. The more people of stature are seen with tattoos, the more open mainstream society becomes toward tattoos.

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By John Butler
posted on 19 October at 19:18

Yeh as can be seen people follow like sheep. Tattoos on all of them. but not for me thanks. I like my body just as it was intended to be, clean and tidy.