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Tattooed Women Win Over Men

By Urtatu @urtatu

Tattooed Women Win Over Men Tattooed Women Win Over Men

Tattooed Women Win Over Men

When it comes to getting tattooed the general concept is that men have more tattoos or get inked more often than women. But surprising facts were revealed when a poll of about 1000 people across the United States revealed that women actually dominate the tattoo kingdom. 

The TV network behind the latest tattoo show “Best Ink” conducted the poll and here are some facts,

Total Men Women

1000 49% 61%

It looks like that the fair sex has defeated the population in getting tattooed all over. Recently there was news about a huge increase in the tattooed population in America. But this news surely looks way cooler when we see the gender dominance.


Girls Showing Tattoos

Talking about the men tattoos they are usually at the same old body parts but when we looked out for ladies we were amazed to see the variations and creativity in the body art. But most women had tattoos based on shared experiences while men do not.

Women gave shared experience a lot of value, 41% of the women had their tattoos while being with their partner and took it more seriously than their counterparts.

Shared Experience Tattoo Tattooed Women Win Over Men

Shared Experience Tattoo

Most tattoos experts are saying that women should think before inking themselves and make wise decisions for their body as women appear to be more emotional than men naturally so usually most women do not think what they are getting into because of the grief and pain due to their relationships and other reasons.

Group Tattoos Tattooed Women Win Over Men

Group Tattoos

According to the survey conducted by the oxygen network most a total of 89% people said that their tattoos were for their own internal peace and they do not mind or care if anybody cares about them or even hate their tattoos. They simply don’t care!

A 46% were proud of their body art and did not feel shy about displaying them at work on work or in front of any authority figures.

The poll results can be viewed on and the premiere of their new show “Best Ink” on March 27, 2012.

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