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Talked to the Doc

Posted on the 29 June 2011 by Joysautismblog @joysautismblog

I’m feeling some serious cold feet about this whole moving thing. I’m trying to shove that aside because I have too much to do to freak out about this too much.

Nevaeh had a physical today and I told the kids’ doctor about our move. It was hard, I really like her and she was the first one to mention autism with Adrian. (back when we didn’t know anything about autism at all) She’s been so great with the kids and has seen me through some tough times when I was mourning Adrian’s autism diagnosis. She asked me to send pictures of Adrian when he graduates high school and that she’d really love to hear how he does. I about lost it when she said that but I was able to keep my composure and hug her goodbye. It was tough.

While I was there I also asked her about Lincoln’s hearing situation. Instead of waiting until who knows when after we move…I am taking him to a local ENT in the middle of July. I feel a lot better about that and I’m glad we are looking at it sooner rather then later.

Adrian did his first two days of summer school so far. It’s going well and he’s happy to be at school.

Things are going well, our family has gotten quite a bit done but there is still plenty to do!

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