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“Taking the Two-Week Challenge and Reading Your Website Literally Turned on the Light for Me”

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

So far this year more than 39,000 people have signed up for FREE guidance, meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, troubleshooting tips, etc., via the two-week low-carb challenge.

What could happen if you were to take it? Here's feedback from this week:

Hi Dr. Andreas,

Basically, in a nutshell...

Taking the two week challenge and reading your website literally turned on the light for me - I get it (LCHF)!!!

I've been doing low carb off an on for decades, had weight loss surgery several years ago - the sleeve (only losing 20 lbs), and a tons of other diets. I came across Eric Westman's youtube video, and then subscribed to the Facebook page (Low carb support group). After reading through posts on the FB group, I kept noticing "LCHF" everywhere, what is LCHF, i thought? I didn't want to seem stupid, so I didn't ask. I knew the first part was low carb (which I know so well) but what did the last two letters stand for? I had ran across your site before, but never really took the time to read it until I started your two week challenge. I was curious what the people on the Low carb support group Facebook page thought of, so I asked and got a great response. I asked, is it worth becoming a member, and got lots of positive feedback. I became a member.

The webpage is where I learned what the "HF" stood for - HIGH FAT - they key to hunger control and weight loss! High fat has worked miracles for me! I know this because I have been following the plan for 3 weeks tomorrow, have lost 16 pounds, and feel better than I ever have in my adult life of 52 years! People are asking me how Im doing it and I refer them to your website.

I'm so excited! Research on "LCHF" is now something I do in my free time and I can't get enough information!

I'm so excited! Research on "LCHF" is now something I do in my free time and I can't get enough information! I love learning about this new lifestyle change that I have made. Its amazing how it cures so many medical problems. I have learned so much from becoming a member on your website and I am forever thankful, and plan to be one of your success stories on the site in about 6 months:) I bought the withings scale recommended by you and I'm tracking my weight. I started at 256 and now weigh 240lbs. I'm 5. 7′ tall and would like to weigh about 150lbs, so I have 90lbs to go. Below is a picture of me a week ago.

My husband, daughter, and my sister are planning on starting soon. My husband is on so many medications, has afib, diabetes, and high cholesterol. I am hoping to share his success with you too. Note: I added screenshots from my posting on the low carb support Facebook group page.

Thank you so much, Lonnie Davis from Santa Clarita, California.


I started the low carb 2 weeks ago and thought it would be really difficult to stick to the plan as I missed potatoes and rice over the first few days.

I am diabetic and this is the first time that a 'diet' has worked for me as I have lost 5kg in the first two weeks.

I intent to stick with the low carb and look forward to trying some more recipes.

thanks so much


Dear Andreas,
I initially struggled with the high fat and had to modify it a little to accommodate my taste, I really can't cope with using butter to cook things in. I had a bad headache on about day 4, but it was fine by the next morning.
After the two weeks I have lost 11lbs and my blood sugars are back within normal levels (type two diabetes), so I would like to thank you and assure you that I will be continuing this new way of eating. 🙂
Kind regards,

My thinking is so much clearer, feel my memory has come back and I do have more energy...

Two weeks over 12lbs down and it was the easiest diet I have ever encountered, the only one I've stuck to. I feel it when I've over done the carbs, my heart does overtime. So the sausage casserole I cooked Saturday (not on plan) was probably a no no as it had butternut squash and peas in it. I fasted the next day ( dinner to dinner) and got back on track. I haven't missed sugar or carbs at all and I was a big sweetie and carbs muncher. My thinking is so much clearer, feel my memory has come back and I do have more energy and very much less depressed. I used to blame my husband for all of those things now I can blame the carbs, anyhow got rid of both😎 I love my new life. Xxx My doctor recommended the diet doctor website and the lchf diet at my appointment 3 weeks ago. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 12 years ago and have never had well-controlled blood sugar despite eating and exercising as recommended and losing 80 lbs in the first year post diagnosis. This "failure" was very difficult for me mentally and emotionally, especially as no health professional would ever address it or acknowledge it. I gained back all the weight that I had lost.
The 2 week challenge was both difficult and easy for me. The challenging aspects are that I am very addicted to carbs and have a hard time forgetting them - in fact, I "cheated" a few times; and that, especially in week 2, I felt rather nauseated, but I don't know if it's the change in eating or some other cause.
What made the 2 weeks easy are the shopping lists, the recipes, feeling less hungry and more satiated. I also felt less sluggish with much fewer carbohydrates.
My blood sugar levels are better, but not as improved as anticipated (perhaps due to carb miscalculation, injecting inadequate insulin doses), and the other success is that I did lose 7 lbs.
I do feel that lchf is the best way for me to eat for nutrition and health, and I plan to continue.
Thank you for all the information, instruction, and support.

Dr. Eenfeldt:

This has been a good experience so far. I have only done the diet for one week (got started late) and have lost 4 1/2 pounds. Unbelievable for me since I have been unable to lose more than 1 pound per week in many years even when faithfully dieting. The sugar cravings have disappeared which is really helping me stay with the plan.

Thank you for all of your information at

Jan Madison

Spring Hill, Tennessee

I lost an inch off the largest part of my belly and 13 pounds.

I am a cookies, cake, candy and Ice cream addict. Abstaining from them is what I need to do. I am going to stay on the 14 day challenge until I reach 210 lbs. Only 108 pounds to go.

Roger Mahler
Alpharetta GA

I really loved the challenge! I feel great and lost 8 pounds. The recipes were delicious. I am going to continue eating Lchf!
Thanks a lot. I started exercise 3 times a week and along with you diet i list 7 Kg in 3 weeks from 114 to 107..
Im full of energy and happy. Shortly i will change my clothes size.
Again thanks very much

I have found your whole website life changing. I had gestational diabetes 23 years ago, and am now pre-diabetic, but my bloods show high creatinine on my kidney function test and my liver function test was also not perfect. I found the video by the engineer a complete eye opener. I received my bad news diagnosis on May 26th and by following your low carb recipes I have already lost 4.3 Kg. I do a lot of exercise and have not been able to lose weight for years. I now weight less than I did at 40, eleven years ago. I am sleeping better and feel great. I wasn't able to stick to the plan completely at the weekends, because of various social commitments but I still avoided the rice and bread and tried to make sensible food choices in the restaurant and still lost weight.

I now weight less than I did at 40, eleven years ago. I am sleeping better and feel great.

Your website has been life changing. I am disappointed that the UK and American dietary advise still recommends carbohydrates. I am about to take a long haul flight and have requested a diabetic meal, It will be interesting to see what guidelines the airline will follow.

Thank you very much for providing such wonderful information and a brilliant meal plan. I know I can't return to eating as I did before my diagnosis otherwise by diabetes will return, but now I have completed the challenge I am trying to get to grips now with how many carbs I can have a day to remain diabetes free. My doctor told me to change my diet for 8 weeks and then I will have my bloods retested. I don't get that done until 18th July and really hope I have managed to reverse my diagnosis.

Kind regards

Sue Young

Hi, I thought this was a great programme. I had started low carb 3 weeks before this, but used the programme mainly for support and menu/recipe ideas.

So far low carb is working well for me and I have settled into a 0.7-1.2 kg weight loss pattern per week and am eating about 20-30 net carbs now which is sustainable for me. I have never been able to stick to another 'diet plan' so I am thrilled.

As an Endocrinologist myself I am sad that I have not been talking about low carb with my patients. I have started to now, and hope to establish this firmly once I have lost my excess weight and am able to maintain this. Still have about 30kg to go!

I think your website is unlike any other resource I've seen.

I think your website is unlike any other resource I've seen. I'm very impressed with the high quality content, videos, presentation, ability to ask questions etc.
I am gladly paying the subscription fee!

In terms of future content, one of my goals is to get pregnant once I get to a healthy BMI. Have you come across anyone talking about pregnancy in a ketotic state? I've often thought women with severe morning sickness must be ketotic and the babies survive?!

Thank you so much for all your work.

Best wishes

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