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Taking a Bit of a Break....

By Tokkiandoliver @tokkiandoliver
I've gone back and forth about writing this post, and although it's probably of no interest to anyone else but me, I still feel the urge to voice my opinion on here.  It's really funny how there is this (very connected) small sub-world of beauty bloggers and forum groups, where we all have this public platform to voice our opinion about products and of course the occassional drama.  Well the occasional drama has now become the center point of this sub-world, and I am choosing to bow out of it as gracefully as I can. 
I have distanced myself from a certain forum that I use to be quite active in due to a handful of people being disgusting human beings and also being scammed twice.  It's also even more disgusting for me to sit back and have to watch a certain someone (who shall remain nameless) use her blog as a platform to bully and con people.  What is this ugly breed of sociopaths, disguised as nail polish addicts, have I stumbled across? I don't know what weird twilight zone I ended up in, but I don't recognize it and I sure didn't sign up for this crap.  I just wanted to blog and join a forum to discuss light-hearted and fun things.  Not get sucked into this warped world where people think that not getting a nail polish they want is the end of the world.  What bubble do people live in where that's the biggest problem in their lives, and they exert hours of energy into whinning to the whole world about it?  I also don't know what kind of people who chooses friends based on the content of gifts they are given.  Actually I answered my own question, it's the kind of people that I'm staying far away from as possible. 
I'm feeling really disgusted at how shady, spoiled, and cruel that some people in this beauty blogging/beauty forum world actually are.  For all these reasons, I'm taking a bit of a break from my blog.  I need to declutter my brain with all this ridiculous drama.  I need to refocus and ground myself back into reality.  I need to remove myself from this sick sub-culture that I have found myself in. I'm still going to buy my products, and still going to review them here. 
I'm not saying everyone in this community is bad, far from it, I'm just saying that the few bad apples have really spoiled it for me.  I'll see you in a couple of weeks to announce the giveaway winner.  Take care everyone, sorry for this post, but I really just don't want to be associated with a community that thrives off of drama.

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