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Take the Networking Challenge with Me in July!

Posted on the 29 June 2011 by Classycareergirl @classycareer

Take the Networking Challenge with me in July!Hi friends!  So I haven't given you lovely readers an update on my 4 X 4 networking challenge lately.  You may be thinking, did she give up?  Well...yes and no.  After going through some personal challenges (which I will share with you sometime soon), I decided to take June off from networking.  But, my goal is to start this challenge back up in July again and I can't wait.  This challenge really excites me and I know everyone that I talk to each month will help push me one step closer to my goals.  This is why YOU need to knock down your barriers to networking and join me in July also!
In case you are new here (welcome!), the challenge that we are taking is:
1) Each month, we will meet with 4 people that we already know but would like to get to know even better.
2) Each month, we will meet with 4 people that we don't know but we would like to get to know. 
So join me in writing down your goals for the month and we will keep each other accountable!  Next month I will be meeting with 4 amazing friends that I currently know (but haven't seen in forever!). I will also be starting fresh with people I don't know.  The past few months I have had many referrals but this month I am just finding some very interesting people to talk to all on my own!  Emails just went out to 4 people I found online so hopefully they all email me back! :)
Who are you meeting with this month?(photo by Dell)

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