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Take Action Like the Avengers

Posted on the 26 May 2012 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

How do we take social media action to engage our audience, like the Avengers to make something happen? The Avengers was a movie about super heroes who took action when it was needed, only they engaged the bad guys. They saved the planet and made fictional history.

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My Avenger goal to engage my audience on social networks is a challenge sometimes. I find if I dedicate twenty minutes and place my hands on the keyboard words flow out. They’re not always perfect words but they’re being laid out. As the phrasing comes together and keywords congeal my blog story is originated.

I have an active list of social media topics and headlines in no particular order, they’re just on a page. I read through my topic list every day for inspiration. Cosmopolitan magazine has the best attention grabbing headlines, spin them away from makeup and sex like Cosmopolitan mastered and turn them to your topic.  I write more headlines than stories, they’re borrowed non-original for sure!

Writing often is freeing. Many short paragraphs can evolve into tweets, posts or one liners. Surprise yourself and give it a try. Empty your busy mind and just write about current events, controversy or a personal experience. Whatever words flow out, let flow out. Creativity can happen spontaneously but so can boring words. Find what inspires you in a current event and write a social media post for your audience.

Calls to action in social media are everywhere. Pay attention to your grocery advertisement, television ads or what you read on a daily basis. Once your eye and ears are tuned in you’ll see the same calls to action often. Those calls to action you hear most are the words you should use in social media, they work. Like us is powerful, it makes us feel part of a larger group doesn’t it?

Placement of the call to action is best where the readers attention span is, at the beginning and at the end of a post is the best proven placement. The use of the old fashioned PS at the end of a post is a great attention theft. We skim as we read and will most often fly right to the post script first even on social media.

The writing process is difficult for social media because it takes concentrated thought. Distractions are everywhere, look a squirrel.

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