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Tag Post : the Liebster Tag

By Sugandha Choudhary @sugandha04
I  love reading the tag posts of various kinds on different blogs and now that I have a blog of my own and an awesome set of fellow bloggers who lovingly tag me for these kind of sweet tags. Thanks a ton Poonam for this tag. The questions in this tag are basically not set. they keep changing per post and that is what keeps it interesting and fresh each time you read it. Poonam tagged me and fellow bloggers with a set of questions and now I am dong this tag and will tag fellow bloggers with another set of questions and they will further tag others will their set of questions..
Okay its a long post here are the answers to Poonam's Questions:
  • Your current and all time Favorite Blog? (I know urs is awesome :) )
  • My favorite blog of all time is .

  • Your favorite YouTube Beauty Guru?
  • There are many but I had to pick up one I would go with dulcecandy again, because I have picked up quiet many makeup tips from her and she inspires me.

  • How many hours do you spend on your blog?
  • Well with a toddler in tow its her and not me who decides how many hours I can spend on blogging. But on any given day it would be say 3 hours atleast not on a stretch though.

  • How is your day-to-day routine and how do you combine it with blogging?
  • Like I said I have an 20 months old daughter so I plan my blogging time around her schedule, I do my makeup looks and take pictures for my blog when she takes her nap during afternoon, and responding to comments and reading other people's blog I do in between as when I get time. I dont blog much during the weekends its family time.

  • Name one thing in your makeup stash that you can’t go out without?
  • I cant really answer that but if I had to , had to choose I would say my lipsticks. I usually never step out of the house without a lipstick. Almost never.

  • Do you give more importance to the writing or the visual?
  • I would like to say writing but I'm not too sure because I cant always gather my thoughts and pen them exactly as I want to all the time, so for now I would say its visual also because most of my posts are makeup pictorials which dont really require a lot of writing.

  • How much do you spend monthly on makeup purchases?
  • Earlier I never used have a budget I used to spend as much I wanted to but after successfully hoarding a lot of makeup and getting to hear quiet a handful from my mum, I have come to my senses and now I spend only when I really have to, so for me I dont spend on makeup on a monthly basis.

  • If given a chance where would you like to splurge Makeup/Clothes/Accessories?(Choose only one :P )
  • Honestly I cant answer this one. I am an impulsive buyer, dont really think too much but again if you ask me right now I would say clothes beacuse I get bored with my clothes too soon.

  • When it comes to skincare, which one would you go for an expensive pack or a home remedy?
  • I am very very very lazy. So as much as natural home remedies are good and inexpensive I dont have the enthusiasm to go in the kitchen and make it and use it, so for me a ready made pack works just fine. 

  • Which one you prefer, Online shopping or Counter shopping?
  • Both but only for lipsticks and foundations and concealers I prefer shopping for them at the counter.

  • Do you read reviews before making purchases or read them afterwards?
  • I do read reviews but not all the time, as I said most of my purchases are on impulse.

  • Which part do you like to click more – your eyes/lips/face/full?
  • If you read my blog you know the answer already, if not well its "eyes"

  • Now my set of questions:
    1.What motivated you to start your blog.2.Your most cherished makeup product in your vanity right now.3.If you could better your makeup skills which particular part of makeup would you like to master like eye makeup, contouring, highlighting, concealing etc etc...4. If you could shop from only one cosmetic brand for the rest of your life  which brand would you choose.5.Your favorite online store for shopping beauty products.6. One makeup trend you hate.
    7.Have you ever put yourself on a shopping ban and if so were you successful?
    8.Name the celebrity whose style to adore.
    9. Name your favorite drugstore and luxury makeup brand.
    10.Name three of your favorite bloggers.
    11. What are your favorite kind of posts on your blog to do .
    12.Do you have a bdget for your monthly beauty shopping.
    13.Looking back at your older or first few posts is there any you would like to forget about or delete.
    14. Who inspires you in your life.

    And now my friends whom I am tagging:
    Shweta from Glamngloss
    Sandhya from Indianfashionbeautyandandmakeup
    Apurva from Get Set Blush
    Jyoti from Everything That Matters
    Beena  from Beauty and Everything Else 

    Its a long post!
    Until next time...

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