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By Haramizuki @TekiGirl


Hi everyone! I finally had the time to blog. I remembered my host,, moved to a new server so I thought of downloading WordPress app on my Mom’s tablet to see if I can log in using the app, and yes, finally! Well, my laptop is with Power MAC service center for a fan replacement until next month. So, I’ll be browsing the www via smartphone or tablet.

Anyway, after my last blog post, I was pretty “busy” looking for a job. Then, I finally got hired at Metrobank on June 1. All was well, until last weekend, when I met up with my friend, Val. Honestly, I was kind of forced to apply at Metrobank because my Mom wanted me to have a job asap and kept bugging me to try working there. Still, I am grateful that Metrobank gave me a chance to work for them. I have to apologize though, for wasting their time training me. If I only knew this was coming, I would have waited for it. But, if I want to follow my dreams, then I really have to leave.


Val and I, together with Derrick, met up a few weeks ago at Bonifacio High Street to deliver her puppy, Zach (previously called Qico(pronounced as Chico), Porky, and Wonka).  We talked about personal stuff, and her new business as well. During our conversation, I mentioned “something” to her that led her to ask me if I wanted to work for her. Of course, I agreed without any hesitation. Her business involves the world wide web that is why I really want to be part of it.

Are you curious? Here’s a little info. Our company name is Boot Fruit. One of our services is online speed dating (PeekAWoo- previous names were Woowho, Instawoo, and WooTurn)  that will available on your web browser, Android and iOS, soon.

Anyway, I submitted my resignation letter on August 8 to our division head. My last day at work was on August 14. I was not able to say goodbye to some of the people from the head office and some branches because I hate goodbyes. I might visit head office one of these days.

So… now that I’m back online, I hope I can update my blogs and read yours regularly. I want to know what’s going on with your lives. lol. And I hope, I’m not crossed-out on your list yet.

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