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First Post for 2013

By Haramizuki @TekiGirl

Better late than never. I’m actually waiting for ‘something’ to arrive before I blog because it’s something that I’m really excited to blog about. But unfortunately, I don’t think ‘it’ will arrive this or next month, so I won’t expect it anymore and just carry on with life. Haha. Anyway, how have you guys been? How was your Christmas and New Year? As for me, it was a busy December because mom and I baked and sold chocolate brownies and butterscotch brownies to her friends. Thanks to that, thinking about brownies makes me sick now.

Sadly, there’s no good news to write here. I’m still unemployed. I’ve been to several interviews since last year, but it’s still the same — either the job being offered is not aligned with my interest or they think that I’m not suited for the job that I’m applying for. But hey, if it’s not for me, then it isn’t. And I’ve been praying for this. God knows what kind of people I want to work with; what environment I want to be in; and what job I can handle. So, I won’t give up. Gotta find that right company.


Moving on, I’ve been seeing people getting married and engaged in Facebook since December. Time flies fast. We’re all so matured now. and I feel old. Haha. Speaking of which, my cousin got married last January 19, 2013, at Baguio City. I was one of the Bridesmaids, and boy, wearing a gown in that place, even during the afternoon, is a no-no. I was so cold, I had to stick my skin on my cousin’s while waiting in line to march. After the wedding, all of us flew butterflies (that were frozen inside each paper) and they all went landing on our dress, skin, and head:

First post for 2013

Also, I want you guys to see this:

First post for 2013

The one on the left is a baby picture of my mom and the one on the right is my cousin’s baby, Daeny. If I add my baby picture, we’d be triplets. Cool, eh?

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