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Movie Review: Need for Speed. Better Play the Game Instead.

By Haramizuki @TekiGirl

Movie Review: Need for Speed. Better play the game instead.

Hello! Hmm, it seems this is my first post for this year. Things got really busy the past several months. No interesting emails for me as a blogger – until a few weeks ago. I got an email from Nuffnang that I was chosen to be one of the 10 bloggers to attend the movie screening for Need for Speed on March 14 at Rockwell Powerplant Cinema, care of PLDT Telpad, and got 2 free passes. I then asked my friend, Riz, if she wanted to come and watch the movie with me since Derrick is currently doing fieldwork at Batangas. Good thing Riz went to watch the movie with me despite living in Quezon City. ^_^

Movie Review: Need for Speed. Better play the game instead.

So, upon arriving at the Rockwell cinema, we first ate sandwiches at Oliver’s Super Sandwiches together with my mom and her friend because I was really hungry, even before we left the house. Then, at around 6:30 PM, Riz and I went to the booth to get our passes. They also gave us a stub for our food & drink at the snack bar – it included popcorn, hotdog on a bun, and regular iced tea.

Movie Review: Need for Speed. Better play the game instead.

Movie Review: Need for Speed. Better play the game instead.

At around 7:00 PM, the program started with the PLDT Telpad team introducing themselves. After which, they held mini games such as Bring Me, First 5 Instagram Posts, Check-under-your-chair game, and tweet contest. Unfortunately, Riz and I didn’t win any prize – we’re too slow and unprepared. LOL. The people beside us were from the media and they were really funny and enthusiastic.


Movie Review: Need for Speed. Better play the game instead.

Based on the world’s top-selling racing video game from Electronic Arts, who have sold 140 million copies over 20 years, Need for Speed stars Aaron Paul as Tobey Marshall, a skilled mechanic, trying to keep his late father’s garage from closing down by making money on the side from winning illegal street races. He then reluctantly takes a job from his ruthless rival, Dominic Cooper as Dino Brewster, on rebuilding a rare Ford Mustang.

Later on, Tobey accepts a race challenge from Dino that killed the life of Tobey’s best friend. Dino frames Tobey – apparently, no one could attest that Dino was there on the scene, except Tobey – and Tobey goes to prison for manslaughter. After his release, Tobey and his crew traveled to San Francisco for a big supercar race by a bizarre entrepreneur, played by Michael Keaton as Monarch, wherein Dino is taking part of.  And eventually, cops were chasing all of them until the race ended.

What I liked about the movie though, was that it didn’t try to be like Fast and The Furious. Just like the game, the scenes were mostly police chases. And, some stunts were good. However – As much as I like Aaron Paul – I just didn’t feel Tobey’s enthusiasm enough. Either Aaron Paul just followed the script or his role didn’t fit him.

For me, the movie wasn’t really THAT bad. I’d give it a passing score of 2.5 over 5. XD Anyway, I would like to thank PLDT Telpad for the free passes they gave me, as I was really looking forward to watch this movie once it hits the theaters.

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