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Systems of Complimentary Medicine Treating Different Mental & Physical Conditions

Posted on the 27 May 2015 by Jocelyn Jones @jocelynjones140

Acupuncture has originated in China. It has been practised there for thousands of years and involves insertion of very fine and thin needles to different depths through the skin of patients at specific points on body. It uses these needles for clearing the meridians through which vital energy or Qi flows. As needle is inserted into these points, patient feels it but without pain. Only when the needles reaches the right depth, there is the aching sensation.
As per WHO, acupuncture can treat 28 conditions but evidence shows that it can have a therapeutic value for more. It can treat several conditions like asthma, migraines, addictions, ulcers, stress, infertility, nerve pain, tinnitus, loss of speech from stroke, and many more.
Acupuncture treatment in Dublin usually involves many weekly or fortnightly treatments. Most of the courses consist of up to twelve sessions. A visit to the acupuncturist involves an exam as well as as assessment of the condition of the patient, insertion of the needles & advice on self-care. Sessions mostly last for about half an hour.

Systems of Complimentary Medicine Treating Different Mental & Physical Conditions

This is a form of heat therapy where dried plant materials known as ‘moxa’ are burned on or very close to the skin’s surface. Main intention is to warm up and invigorate flow of vital energy in body and dispel a few pathogenic influences. In Dublin, practitioners generally hold a burning moxa stick very near to, without touching, the skin’s surface. The moxa stick is held over certain areas corresponding to some acupuncture points and it is held until the area reddens & become suffused with warmth. Moxibustion is good for treating digestive problems, gynecological & obstetrical conditions, pain caused due to arthritis or injury, and protection against flue strains and cold.
Acupressure is used for thousands of years in China. It uses the same principles as acupuncture for promoting relaxation as well as wellness and treating diseases. Known as pressure acupuncture sometimes, it is simply acupuncture without needles. It is one among the different kinds of Traditional Chinese Medicine helpin g restore balance in the body.
Acupressure practitioners typically use their palms, fingers, feet, elbows or special kinds of devices for applying pressure to the acupoints on meridians of the human body. Sometimes it even involves acupressure massage, stretching and other methods. A session lasts about an hour and several sessions are needed for best result.
An acupressure therapy is effective in relief of stress-related ailments, releases tensions, reduces pain, increases circulation, improves muscle tone, aligns spine and joints, fortifies sexual reproductive system and develops spirituality.
There are many more systems that are used as alternative medicine in treating different mental and physical conditions. To know about them, stay connected to the blog.

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