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By Colloquial Wordsmiths

“Your agony is a perplex of your own uncontemplated vision and thoughts.”

The emotions that is rarely found,
hidden beneath the piles of historical sand’s time bound.
It’s just an epitome of lies
where scavengers wants to feed on bodies till the die.

which is like a mirrage
which has a mirror wall in front.
where you hope you will find the reciprocation
but it ends you up in bruises and grunts.

the purest form of emotion I thought
which became manupulative by the years
of reaping fantasicm and
dramatic cascading of fears.

It just lands by the
ends of the fallen persuit emerland.
Dusted and bursted with
profits of no emotions ; but works and grands.

Each of the flattery emotions I see,
It sunks me deep down beneath in my heart.
These are the riches to follow truly
or else world will be fallen apart.

Make them pure and not of
all the propoganda of flamers
Keep it simple as they
are fragile items that don’t come up with disclaimers

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