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By Colloquial Wordsmiths

I wish I could comfort you as well. I know that you also wish for it too and never really got the way you need it. That’s the problem.

People, who learn to hide their tornadoes only because they fall for hurricanes, spend their life looking like they have no resistance to conquer.

We speak about me and my convictions and battles but I never heard tales about yours. The only complaint I could fathom is you lacked somebody to hold you not till you said I’m fine, but till when you really did feel fine.

I might be a hurricane right now and you a tornado which is completely absurd of an analogy, but for say, every hurricane is someone’s tornado, and its okay. What’s the point, right? The point is, look for a hurricane that can power down for yours. Probably let your trouble in.

It troubles me right now that I can tell stories but cannot ask you for yours. I’m a writer, and yes I love speaking. But since you’ve come so far making me feel home, I’d tell you that deep within, I love listening too.

-Amber Mishra

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