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A Mystical Muse

By Colloquial Wordsmiths

Written with the tranquil of rose petal,
Each of her attire looks like prose.
Enriched like a beautiful verse;
At a glance, your interest grows.

She has her innocence tested,
As the cherub gets to free from her nest.
New aura and fear deep inside,
She comes out from renditions to conquer next.

Serene and pure as a river,
She continues to withhold her morals,
Winning each obstacle like a queen
She flows beautifully as the Nile.

Magic, her whispers do to you,
Chaotic, her orbs express a rhythmic twirl.
Somehow you can’t stop your gaze on her,
Like she is someone all new.

She walks like a goddess walking on fire,
Her footprints turning the ashes into petals.
There is an unknown bewitchment,
As she finally places her eyes on you.

The mistletoe above echoes vindication
Of your falling heart.
You feel yourself in a state of vacuum,
Perhaps, oblivion.

Carrying the rituals of the whole world,
And keeping her shoulders light,
Facing the world with a smile,
Fills thy heart with utmost delight.

Cherub here resides in each soul,
That’s noble and pious ;
Embracing her leaving all the old fates behind,
It’s now Lucifer’s choice.

-Palak & Amber

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