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By Colloquial Wordsmiths

Lighting in the black sky
His demons chose to power.
Thy ending his soul to desiccation
They threw him away from the mortal world.

His new open thoughts
Were said to be cynical
The bureaucrats announced him to be evil
And dumped him away from land thy devil.

Land created by the misogynists
To overpower their unearthly desires.
Objectifying the opposite gender
Where no truth can despair.

Where people want to eat each other
And human no longer exist in humanity
The mercy is long gone
And ruled up by brutality

Where only survival is necessary
And the emotions are captivated
Where the plagiarism wins
And new thoughts are sentenced to death.

He chose to climb up
Leaving his wounds and bruises behind
He chose to rise above
Beating every orthodox down.

He cleared the black clouds from the sky
Even angel couldn’t be of thy use.
This fallen demon was better,
Then the so-called blind risen angels.

-Amber Mishra

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