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By Colloquial Wordsmiths

She gets on to his head

like the sand scents after rain.

For once he became happy

giving up all his pain.

She’s the girl of charm,

whom even LUCIFER would like to love.

He makes him so vulnerable,

but he would like to get himself let harm.

Every time he starts to write,

He ends up defining Cherub in all means.

Getting to let away his demons in his words

He calls the angel of her dreams.

The one bewildered in her own thought,

She hides her problems behind her smile.

Scared with the judgemental society,

She carries an apology in her tongue every step of his mile.

So fizzed with questions in her head,

But rarely opens to anyone for her deiform reply.

She cages each of her arguments

Into those ethnic poetic ink spills as her ally.

It’s time for her to fly away like a free bird;

Banishing away all the bonding, on a free sky to chirp.

Give herself a chance to pen her wings

And let love come to her doorstep, not casual flings.

He awaits covering the path of his side,

Waiting for her to cross by completing her.

One day the astro will fix their path together,

And on the free will, they ride.

-Amber Mishra

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