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SW to Stay the Most Sought After Postcode?

By Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

SW is known to be the most sought after postcode in the UK – I know how lucky am I right, living here?! But I started thinking, as London devlops will it stay the most wanted place to live?

SW home to Clapham, Fulham and Wandsworth among others is where many young professionals choose to live when they move to London. But it’s not just young professionals who reside in this area, and it’s easy to understand why. Beautiful surroundings of Battersea Park, the Thames Path, the nights out in Fulham and Clapham, and just the life. It sure is a great place to live.

London had a population of 8.3 million last year, and with it constantly growing, london will continue to expand in the property world too, with other areas being developed and new homes being built.

A short while ago I went to an event at TNQ (The Northern Quarter) a new development being built in North London, near Colindale station – I know what you’re thinking, it sounds far out, Zone 4…OUCH!, but it only takes 31mins on the tube from Colindale to Oxford Circus!

So I donned a building site outfit and went to see how it all looked  at present, and to hear about the plans.



Looking down at what will be one of the outside space/courtyard area


The gap in the building so people can sit in the outside garden area and still see natural skyline! Lovely little addition I think!



The apartments are going to have some awesome views!

They have some amazing plans, with retail developments going underneath, a tower entrance for the residential apartments on top so it won’t feel like you’re living above a new shopping centre, and some fab looking outdoor spaces in between the apartments (a total of 4 on top of the retail sector). There’s space left in the apartments surrounding the outdoor spaces  so you will still see the skyline giving a lovely open feel – overall it looks amazing. They all come with their own balconies or terrace too, and inside – WOW!



A design of the whole building – You can see where the four outdoor spaces will be.


A graphic design of one of the outdoor spaces – They look like they’re going to be such a nice place to chill in the summer!

They have some great schemes for buyers too, which got me thinking about my future and if I’m going to want to buy at some point how this would be the type of development I would definitely need to look into.

The developer did a speech at the event, and it was obvious how enthusiastic he was about the new development and how much the residents’ living experience meant to him. I would like to hope they will all be like this moving forward, our living experience is just as important if not more than how much money they can make!

It was a great opportunity for me to see things from the beginning, learn about new schemes and what type of thing will be competing in the market coming the next few years. It also made me realize how developments are going to start spreading around central London, going slightly further out but due to the tube systems it’s not necessarily far from central.

Other locations are going to start really competing with SW, and with places like TNQ on offer, it won’t be hard to see why people start wanting to living in North London. Luckily I don’t need to make this decision for buying quite yet, but it was great to see for future – the years are flying by…(Please slow down!)


Thanks for reading my post on living in London.

Chloe x


*Invited to and attended event at TNQ. All views are my own.


SW to stay the most sought after postcode?

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