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Surprise: More Sugar, More Diabetes

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1


Can sugar cause diabetes? Ask the sugar industry and the answer is a definite NO. Ask a random scientist in the field and the answer is likely to be “probably”, “possibly”, or “maybe”.

Ask dr Robert Lustig and the answer is emphatically yes. And I think he’s absolutely right. A new study adds more support.

Looking at the available sugar during the last decade in 175 countries the relationship is clear: The more sugar available, the more diabetes. Less sugar, less diabetes. This relationship is clear even when correcting for other possible causes like obesity.

In other words: Here’s more support for the theory that excess sugar does not just make you fat. Sugar can make you sick even before you get fat.

To be fair, this study is just about statistical correlations: it does not prove causality. But it’s another smoking gun for the sugar industry to try to explain away.

The evidence of harmful effects of extra sugar in our diets is piling up. And there’s no need to consume it, there’s nothing nutritionally necessary about pure sugar in excessive amounts. Let’s just get rid of it and stop this disaster.

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