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SunTan Effect on Tattoos

By Urtatu @urtatu
Sun Tan Effect on Tattoos SunTan Effect on Tattoos

Sun Tan Effect on Tattoos

You have seen that the sun will ruin your tattoo. Have you ever noticed how old signs left in the sun are faded as if they have been bleached? Ultraviolet rays fade pigment whether it’s on a piece of wood or in your skin. Have you ever noticed that art museums with paintings have no open windows where the sun can directly shine in? The sun would destroy millions of dollars’ worth of artwork. You won’t want your artwork destroyed, either, so use a good, strong sunblock when going out in the sun.

Sun Block SunTan Effect on Tattoos

Sun Block

Or if you go to tanning salons often, you might as well skip getting any form of serious tattooing. You will ruin the tattoo quickly. Tanning beds are as unhealthy as smoking and fast food, but it is your life. If you don’t mind having a faded tattoo or are willing to have it done over every five years to keep it looking decent, go for it. You can always put some sunblock on the tattoo before you tan.

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