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Sunday Stuff...

By Jennydurbin985 @Jennydurbin85
Let's talk about...overspending :-(
I am a big emotional spender and I really have had a massive kick up the backside financially this month. I ALWAYS spend when I feel sad, fat, ugly (I hate my nose and cheeks - I look like a hamster!!!) and I feel like I have to keep up with people. I think part of the problem is that because I used to suffer with a lot of anxiety which took up an AWFUL lot of time. When I started getting better I felt bored almost because I didn't know who I was any more and I didn't know what to do with all this time I had been given back. I still am a big ruminator and dwell on things a lot and that makes me feel very down. I am very lucky that I have a boyfriend, good friends and family who will support me but I do at times feel overwhelmed so that's why I took to shopping sometimes. I'm also terrible at budgeting and now I'm almost 28 I want to get myself sorted out.
So, I can't shop as much any more because I basically can't afford to! And why should I? I have lovely clothes and make up and shouldn't NEED them to feel better about myself. That needs to come from within. I still will go shopping...but only when I've saved up and as a treat rather than a "urgh I feel crap" quick fix.
Something I do that doesn't involve spending (which I know a few people wouldn't always find that fascinating) is looking around abandoned buildings. I find them eerily calm and peaceful and that's what i did with my afternoon today. This one is in my little suburb where I live:
Sunday stuff...
It sadly was burnt out but I find these houses fascinating because of how many people would have lived there over the years and the history of the building. A bit weird I know but...if you like things like urban exploration, check out which has dozens and dozens of old hospitals, mines, mills and houses to look at.
So sorry about the none beauty related post, but I strangely feel better now I've got a few things off my chest. Does anybody have any tips they use for when they need a little pick me up that they would like to share? Can be beauty or lifestyle related or just any advice you've been given over the years you follow. Thanks xx

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