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Summer ~ Weekend in Review

By Laura @BEBookworm

Summer is finally here! Here’s what I got up to on the first weekend of Summer 2014.

TBC Donut
Ending Spring with a Through Being Cool sprinkle donut. I swear there is no way to tell the difference between this and a non-vegan donut.

Sad Luna
Poor, sad Luna has to stay home while I go have a lovely day at Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary for their open house, Summer of Peace.

Summer of Peace
This is me and Willie the donkey. I had such a good time at Cedar Row. I’ll post more pictures tomorrow.

While at Summer of Peace, I also got this awesome Cedar Row tank top. Also, doesn’t my hair look SO BLONDE in this picture? It’s the yellow curtains.

On Sunday morning, I went for brunch at Sadie’s Diner to try out Chad’s new GF vegan pancakes. Mmmm I got chocolate banana with sausage on the side. It was SO good!

Coconut Iced Latte
For my afternoon walk with Luna, I got a coconut iced latte from Redline Coffee. It’s too bad they charge extra for non-dairy milk, but the woman who served me said that quite a few people got coconut milk today, so perhaps if it’s popular, they’ll start charging the same as with dairy milk. Luna and I went to Corktown Common where we found some shade to lounge under. It was lovely.


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