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Summer Sushi at UNI, London

By Luxe_life

UNI restaurant, LondonAs summer finally seems to have arrived in London, there’s nothing better than a post work cocktail followed by some sushi after a long day in the office.

I had heard good things about a restaurant called UNI, with an ex Nobu chef at its helm, so thought this would be the perfect place to arrange a catch up with my friend Sinead.

UNI is just around the corner from my office, and the short walk through picturesque Belgravia was perfect for working up an appetite.

UNI sushi, London
Sinead and I met outside the cute boutique-like entrance and were shown downstairs, past the marble sushi bar to our table in the main restaurant. The sun was still out so the room was flooded with natural like and we quickly started studying the extensive cocktail menu.
Cocktails at UNI, London
As all of the cocktails sounded so appealing, I decided to go with our waiter’s recommendation. I was definitely happy I did, as the signature chilli mojito was fantastic (and probably not something I would have chosen usually) and Sinead’s sweet tooth was firmly indulged with a lychee martini.
Miso & Edamame
Our tasting menu of the Peruvian and Japanese fusion cuisine began traditionally with a bowl of salty edamame and miso soup. Unaware of the feast that was to come, we eagerly finished it all before the main event began arriving.
Chef at UNI London
Dish after dish of delicacies were placed on our table, including salmon tartare tacos, turbot with ginger radish and spicy tuna sushi. All were presented beautifully with brightly coloured garnishes and flavoursome sauces.
Sushi at UNI London
Sushi tasting at UNI London
Sushi Sample menu
One of my favorite dishes was their kaiso seaweed salad, a great palette cleanser with a tangy, pickled flavor.  I also loved the butter fish and scallop sushi, fish so soft it melted in your mouth.
Sushi salad, UNI London
Prawn Tempura, UNI London
Sushi aside, we both adored the prawn tempura because of its light, non-greasy batter.  The last dish we were served was a delicious fried sea bass, which ended with both of us fighting over the last piece, despite being full to the brim.
Seabass at UNI London
Taking another look at the menu and getting serious food envy of neighbouring tables, I’ll definitely be ordering the salmon ceviche and traditional maki rolls on my return visit.

We finished our sushi banquet, sharing a mini desert of ice cream balls with a gelatinous coating of lemon and sesame, leaving us fully satisfied and ready to roll home.

Dessert at UNI London
Although I had an idea that the food would be good, having read The Londoner’s blog, I was a little concerned at the lack of atmosphere that she had encountered. It was great to see that word has definitely got out about UNI and the place was buzzing, even on this Wednesday evening.

I definitely rated UNI not only for the delicious, fresh sushi but also the attentive staff and elegant surroundings. It was great for a dinner to catch up with my friend but I can imagine it would also be a great break from the usual lunchtime routine.

For more information visit the UNI website >

UNI, 18A Ebury Street, London, SW1W 0LU

The Luxe Life was a guest of the restaurant

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