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Summer 2014: Morning Skin Care Routine

By Urhappybunnie @joaniebunnie
Summer 2014: Morning Skin Care Routine
Finally bringing you my fresh and simple summer morning skin care routine. As the season transitions, so does my skin. My normally dry skin, has changed to a combination skin type because of the heat. I still do have dry patches here and there most of the time but my T-zone has become oilier. 
I've been doing this particular routine for almost two months now, that was when I last got my BNT Beauty Box from BNTNews International. Coincidentally, BNT sent me the same two items I've been using for my morning skin care routine in this month's box. ^^
My morning routine has always been simple. I don't really fuss a lot about it as much as I do on my night time skin care routine (this one is my old night time routine but I'm probably gonna do an updated one, hopefully soon). 
Step 1 - Wash the face with water.  Since I do intensive washing and moisturizing at night time, I don't wash my face with any cleansers or facial washes. Using any cleanser in the morning will dry out my already dry skin. I just rinse my face with warm water and then rinse again with cold water. Pat the skin dry with a clean towel. 
Step 2 - Spray on a toner. Whether it be for morning or night, I mist my face with a toner. I'm currently using LUSH Breath of Fresh Air. I switch it up with LUSH Tea Tree Water Toner every time I finish a bottle. I have been using both toners for years and it's the best toner I have ever tried. Breath of Fresh Air is great for dry skin and Tea Tree Water is great for combo to oil skin type as well as blemish-prone skin. I'm halfway done with Breath of Fresh Air so I'm due to get Tea Tree Water soon. Also, with the summer heat, I tend to get pimples when I normally don't.
Summer 2014: Morning Skin Care Routine

Step 3 - Apply a light blemish care serum As I said above, I'm more prone to getting blemishes due to frequent sun exposure and rise in temperature. I have previously reviewed the iSOi Bulgarian Rose Blemish Care Serum - whereas most blemish care products are thick gels great for spot treatment, Bulgarian Rose is a light gel-like product. I primarily use this for two things, prevention of break outs and for minimizing redness on my skin, especially around the nose. 
Summer 2014: Morning Skin Care Routine
Step 4 - Hydrate the skin with a light moisturizer 
Light moisturizers are great for the day time since it would give adequate hydration to the face without letting your makeup slip and slide throughout the day. The Sorabee Balancing Aqua Cream is a great day time product since its light and feels just like applying water on the skin. It is a very refreshing product so it will definitely help you wake up when you apply this on your face in the mornings.
Summer 2014: Morning Skin Care Routine
And that's it for my morning skin care routine. I let each product sit on my face for a minute or two before I apply the next product. After moisturizing, I head on and apply my makeup (which varies depending on my mood - check out more of my Summer 2014 series for more skin care and hair routines as well as makeup looks!)
These products have been previously reviewed so click on the links for them. :)
Summer 2014: Morning Skin Care Routine Summer 2014: Morning Skin Care Routine

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