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Such a Happy Weekend Already!

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Hey loveys,
So this weekend I was on a mission to NOT go out at night and drink too many adult beverages. Why? Well... quite frankly I'm kind of tired of it. It's the beginning of the end of summer and things are starting to wind down, and I just needed a weekend off. As much as I love going out and seeing people and being social, even this gal needs her down time, and there was nothing too crazy going on this weekend so it was the perfect opportunity to do so!
Last night C and I went to the movies to see The Butler. It was probably one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I knew it was going to be good thanks to all the news buzz about it, but I didn't really understand how good. I was laughing during parts, crying during others. The theater was jam packed full, and I think Forest Whitaker is probably one of the cutest men ever when he giggles. One thing I did have a hard time with though was trying to separate Oprah from the character she was playing. Probably because Oprah is so popular... it was hard for me to envision her as someone else other than herself. Not that she wasn't a great actress because she was absolutely perfect, I just know her well as "Oprah" as opposed to a character, where as you probably wouldn't really know an actress like Julia Roberts because she doesn't have television show, showing the world the real her.
Does that even make sense? It makes sense in my head.
Today I got up surprisingly early. I was meeting my friend Katie at the gym because we were taking a spin class together at 9:30. So I woke up around 7:30, made myself a breakfast smoothie and walked to Katie's to pick her up! We made it to the gym in time for our class, thank goodness because it was a packed house! I had no idea people woke up that early on weekends to go workout, but I definitely really enjoyed getting my workout out of the way! It was a fairly tough class even though it was only 50 minutes long. It was technically an RPM class put on by Les Mills which is a Group Exercise based company that GoodLife Fitness has the rights to here in Canada (so in Canada you can ONLY do Les Mills programs at GoodLife Fitness!).
My towel was soaked by the end of the class, as well as my shirt and my capris. I think it was in part due to the fact that the room was INSANE and because people don't like fans blowing directly on them, the fans were facing the wall... wtf?! That seems like a waste to me, I would have enjoyed the damn breeze.
After the class we went downstairs to Starbucks and grabbed ourselves an iced coffee and chatted for a while!
Such a Happy Weekend Already!
Mmm... iced Americano with cream! Tis my favorite iced beverage from Starbucks!
Then we walked through Liberty Village a bit because we thought there was a farmers market, but turns out it wasn't open today. So we decided that we were going to Kensington Market instead! We stopped at Katie's house and she showered and changed then we drove to my place where I showered and changed! Then off to Kensington we went. First stop was food because we were both starving after the spin class! So we stopped at a place called Tasty Corner Restaurant.
Such a Happy Weekend Already!
I had half of a curry chicken roti. I did order the whole thing but it was SO MASSIVE I couldn't eat it all. It was absolutely delicious though, I would definitely recommend it. Katie had a dish called Divorced Eggs. I'm not totally sure what that means, but there was a red and green sauce on the eggs, it was served with a big helping of what looked like guacamole and beans! She said it was delicious too, so all in all the food we had was a win!
After that we walked around Kensington for a while. Made a few stops, I bought a new scarf and some almond milk for smoothies, biotin for my hair & a sample of some wheat grass powder that I will try later this week (and let you know how it goes!). Then we went into a produce place, and oh my god, I was instantly in love. Here is a photo of all the goodness that I bought.
Such a Happy Weekend Already!
I bought figs, 4 limes, 3 lemons, peaches (non-gmo so they're so super small), carrots of assorted colours and peas in their pods. All of this (I didn't include ALL of the peas so I didn't have to put them all back lol) came to.... guess..... $11!!!!!!!!!!! SO CHEAP!!!! And so real. The carrots have dirt all over them, the peaches are small, the peas have brown marks... ah. I love all natural foods! :)
Last night before the movies, I was hungry (I'm hungry often). I decided I wanted popcorn, so I pulled out the box that had my kernels in it, empty. #fail. So I made some impromptu soup and thought I'd share it with you.
Such a Happy Weekend Already!
Basically I boiled organic chicken broth, cut up some bok choy and let it boil/cook and then added some rice noodles. Whoop! It was delicious. And that's literally all I did so I'm not putting it in a recipe format for you - sorry!
Workouts this week have been medium. I only worked out twice besides my spin class this morning! I was trying to take it easy on my body at the beginning of the week because I was detoxing and it was hard enough without exercise, so my first workout happened on Thursday. I wanted to run outside but the weather was debatable so I opted to run on the treadmill. I know if I had ran outside it would have poured on me, because I'm lucky like that.
Such a Happy Weekend Already!
Not awful, but not my best. I didn't have the towel over the screen for most of the run so I think I was psyching myself out most of the time because I ran better when I couldn't see the screen. Oh, and it's blurry but it's 3.81 miles in 40 minutes, not 3.01 miles in 40 minutes. :).
Friday I worked out with Trainer Friend and we did upper body (I wanted to avoid lower body because I knew spin would kill my legs). If I remember properly, we completed the following exercises:
- lat pulldowns
- pushups
- skull crushers
- tricep pressdowns
- bicep curl with a preacher bar
- bicep curl with dumbbells
- frontal raises with dumbbells
- lateral raises with dumbbells
- should presses with dumbbells
Taadaaaa. Needless to say I'm a touch sore in the upper body after taking some much needed time off.
Tomorrow I'm seeing my cousins in the afternoon and we're going to hit up Yonge St to see Buskerfest!! I'm super excited, and I'll take lots of photos to show you!!
Q: Are you a morning exerciser, even on the weekends?
Q: Do you have a market close to you where you can buy fresh produce?
PS - Check out my new post on Tales of a 38" Inseam about why you should be wearing sunscreen daily and all year round!!!

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