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Stuff and Clarisonic MIA 2 Review~

By Allaboutjyl

Hellos! Been MIA for a couple of weeks as I went to HongKong and China for visitation as my brother just got married~ I thought I would hoard a lot of beauty products since there are a lot of temptation in HongKong such as SASA, BONJOUR, MANNINGS etc~ Ironically, I didn’t buy any stuff at all! >_< As in zero! NADA! Maybe, I just didn’t find anything interesting and worth buying thus the negligence of hauling stuff (>_<)” Stuff and Clarisonic MIA 2 Review~ I was sad but at the same time relieve, as I don’t have to worry about my bill when I returned home ^_~. If I have the time, I would share the travelogues during my trip from HongKong and China =) Stuff and Clarisonic MIA 2 Review~ Enough the nonsense blabbers and let’s gets to the main topic of this post which is the CLARISONIC MIA 2 Review!! I have wanted to get the Clarisonic for the longest time, but decided to try out dupes first such as the TWINBIRD and COREANA which I have reviewed HERE and HERE. Though I am quite satisfied with both TWINBIRD and COREANA but I just can’t resist the temptation to really try the Clarisonic. Luckily, my fairy god mother a.k.a. my sister bought me a Clarisonic and hand it to me while I visited her during my trip to China =) Stuff and Clarisonic MIA 2 Review~ Let’s start with an overview on the product first: What is Clarisonice MIA 2?   Price: USD 149 Stuff and Clarisonic MIA 2 Review~
  • Travel-friendly, professional-quality skincare brush with two speeds.
  • Gently removes the impurities traditional cleaning methods leave behind, cleansing six times better than your hands alone.
  • Notice a reduction in dry patches, oily areas, and blemishes.
  • Provide skin that feels and looks smoother.
For more information on Clarisonic MIA 2, click HERE.
Now, here goes my review on the Clarisonic MIA 2: What I loved about:
  • Handy, easy to use and travel friendly device (chargeable)
Stuff and Clarisonic MIA 2 Review~
  • Noticed significant reduction on cystic acne in just one use!
  • Able to remove blackheads and stubborn dirt underneath the pores
  • Skin feels super soft and smooth after every use
  • Manage to make skin look brighter and provides a nice glow
  • Can be paired with ANY facial cleansers
  • Does NOT dry skin out but still tends to eliminate excessive oil
What I DON’T like:
  • Extremely Expensive
  • The brush head might feels a bit harsh and rough on skin
  • Brush head needs to be replace after 3 months of usage
Overall Reviews:
  • At first use, I find the brush head too rough on my skin and was thinking that it would dries out my skin. Miraculously, my skin does not dries up but instead made it much smoother and softer after usage 
Stuff and Clarisonic MIA 2 Review~
  • I  notice that it helps minimize/ semi-cleared my strawberry nose aka blackheads instantly
  • There have been group of pimples forming on my cheek area and as I started using Clarisonic, I noticed an improvement and heals gradually
  • Aside from the price and the need of replacing the brush head every 3 months, I can’t state any cons as everything seems to function well on me
The Million Dollar question: Is it really worth shelfing out that much gram for an electronic cleansing brush? Stuff and Clarisonic MIA 2 Review~ My Say: If you have oily or combination and acne-prone skin, I have my two thumbs up approving that it is definitely worth investing on this device for skincare purpose. Stuff and Clarisonic MIA 2 Review~ That’s it for my review on the Clarisonic MIA 2! ^_~ With regards to where to purchase and how to use, simply visit clarisonic website for more information. Stuff and Clarisonic MIA 2 Review~ Thank you for dropping by ^_~

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