Hi! This is Janet, the blogger behind The reason why I decided to blog is merely to share my decade experience interms of dealing with acne.

During the time I'm fighting over acne, I just couldn't find a site where I could seek for reference. Therefore, though I might not totally won over acne but I decided to do an online diary on all the products I have tried and experience along my acne journey.

I hope my blog would serve as a platform for some people who seek advises and reviews with regards to acne related things.

Sometimes dealing acne alone can be stressful thus adding tids and bits of spices would help cheer up the mood and that is what I did on my blog. I write stuff about makeup and also other related beauty things I encountered along my journey.

Hope you guys do drop by my blog =)

Much Love,


  • Journey on Beauty and Nonsense Stuff

    This blog is about my Journey on discovering the world of Beauty.
    Writes and Review about skincare and makeup products