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Stress Relief Activities for a Peaceful Life

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Stress relief activities will help people deal with the stress in their lives. The daily happenings in life can make one be stressed and these are relationships, environment and job. Because such situations present problems, the mind signals the body to gain stress, as it is a coping mechanism to such problems. There are people who say that in order to get rid of stress, one should face the cause. There are studies however that say it is better to find enjoyable anti-stress activities to deal with it.

Stress Relief Activities for a Peaceful Life


An activity that provides stress relief is physical workout three times a week. This will reduce stress and strengthen the heart. Negative feelings such as irritability and anger will decrease when one exercises. The mood becomes better as endorphins or the happy hormones are released from the body that help one become happy. One should enjoy the exercise he is doing such as aerobics, weight lifting, walking, jogging, running, bicycling and swimming. This will definitely remove any negative emotions and stress.

Engaging in Art

When one creates a work of art, his mind is taken away from stress as he is focused on what he is doing. The mind tends to concentrate on the art being dome and will forget what is happening to the rest of the world. One can also go to the museum and admire the works of art there.  Other forms of art include sketching, drawing, coloring, collage making, painting, woodworking, sculpting, photography and macramé.


Meditation has been used for centuries to eliminate stress. It helps calms the mind and re-energizes the body. It is not difficult to meditate, as one just has to go to a quiet, clean and comfortable from without clutter. The person sits on the floor on a position he finds comfortable. He then breathes properly and clears negative thoughts that can cause stress. This activity must be done until the mind is relaxed and refreshed.  One can meditate 10 minutes a day so as to have relief. There are different stress relief activities online that can be downloaded by an interested party.

Stress can make one suffer from health problems and these include:

  • Diabetes or the high amount of sugar or glucose in the blood. Because a stressed person has the urgency to eat a lot such as chocolates which is considered an upper, diabetes can occur.
  • Hypertension can strike because the blood pressure becomes abnormal due to stress.
  • Heart Problems such as a heart attack or stroke may happen due to stress as one feels tired and exhausted thus it affects the heart.

With these stress relief activities, one can lead a peaceful and a relaxed life.

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