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Strawberry Love

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hey everyone,
todays nail of the day is abit of nail art, now im not very good at it but at least if i show you then some bright spark out there will be better and do this design fantastical :D
anyway, to start of with, i don't own any nail art pens or kit or anything, so i have to use normal nail polishs and things i find lying around the house to draw my designs on in this case a pen :D ball point to be exact.
here we go:
strawberry love
strawberry love
first step: you need to paint your nails any red colour, i choice orlys haute red.  you only need to do one coat with the orly colours and they dry really fast. strawberry love
step two: once its all dry, i would leave it for a few hours so that its completelt dry, because you dont want the red mixing with the green, you when thats dry take your green colour, i used barry m's mint green, you can use a nail art pen, it will be easier, and you need to draw a few green triangles on the bottom of your nail and colour them in so it looks like the leaves of a strawberry. strawberry love
step three: then you can go ahead and use a white, i used an orly french manicure white, and apply the dots, you can apply them like dots or you can apply them on a down angle so they kind of appear like mini tear drops, so that their not perfect circles, it looks abit better
strawberry love
strawberry love
and dahhh dahhh.  haha i hope you liked them, as i said im not very good and i dont have proper nail art pens (im sticking with that story) at least i tried! :D
so don't be too harsh, see you soon xxx

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