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Strange How Quiet It is 'over There'

By Davidduff

They're a funny old lot 'over there'.  A security guard shoots dead a black man who is beating his head against a kerbstone and a police officer shoots dead another black man who is attacking him with intent to steal his gun.  Cue:  SHLOCK-HORROR headlines, huge protests in cities cross the land, Al Sharpton stops counting his money in order to hurry to the scenes, Jesse Jackson likewise, Eric Holder  instantly forms a hit squad of DoJ lawyers to mount a case against every white man they can find within a ten mile radius of the shootings and, finally, 'President Poofter' sticks his nose even further into the air before dropping remarks likely to influence the outcome of any court case.  And yet ... and yet  ...

Last Saturday in Florida in a single incident, not one but seven blacks were shot and wounded, three critically.  So where was the mass screaming outrage from the American media?  Where was the Sharpton & Jackson Show?  Where were all those bleeding heart liberal twits who can be relied upon to carry banners even if they can't read them?  Not a sign of any of them and 'President Poofter' was far too busy practicing his golf swing. 

So why the lack of outrage?  Simple.  The shooter was a black man!  Need I say more?  Read Alan West's blog for further and better particulars, as they say.

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